Friday, July 30, 2010


Winter is a bad bad time for my dry skin, I shed like a snake. My hands are in a very bad shape, blame it on constant handwashing. The conditions of my nails and cuticles...... less said the better! There is a product that has come to my rescue, Evodia Instant Repair Hand and Nail Cream in the most beautiful Champagne Melon scent. It is thick, nourishing, indugent and the scent of champagne melon is sublime, soft and satisfying. It absorbs quickly, making my hands smooth and supple and leaves a beautiful scent.

This was the first product I tried from the Evodia, an Australian company that makes bath and body products. I had high hopes about the range, they have some beautiful fragrances that I was dying to try. They don't cost much, 200 ml body fragrance costs $24.95 I had to grab a couple of them from David Jones (or was it Myers?) when they were on sale last Christmas. The Evodia website also has free shipping, which is very convenient.

Mango and Pink Grapefruit: I love Mango, my favourite fruit! Combined with Grapefruit, it has a little touch of citrus to make it mouth watering! It is fruity, fresh but not sweet, just amazingly delicious! I got a tiny refill that I carry around in my hand bag. Great to freshen up on the go.

Tropical Passion: It is from The Emotion Collection which has the trio of Vanilla Addict, Musk Desire and Tropical passion. I have to admit that it was a disappointment. It is a nice fruity floral but nothing really tropical about it, it is kind of unfinished, does not develop into anything on the body. It will be used as room spray from now on, albeit an expensive one.

These are bodyspray-like fragrances with very low fragrance concentration, the volume obviously made up with alcohol. The sillage is very close to the skin and staying power is almost zero. The Mango one is slightly better both sillage and staying power wise. Not too keen to try other fragrances from Evodia, though they sound very tempting. I'll just enjoy the Mango fragrance while my bottle lasts.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My heart is broken....

I dropped the mini bottle of L De Lolita Lempicka on tiled bathroom floor, it shattered into pieces, so did my heart! I bought this perfume just because this particular perfume has the prettiest bottle of the Lolita Lempicka fragrances, greenish blue with golden filigree and an ℒ charm!  It looks all the more prettier in miniature form. Too bad I couldn't keep it because the juice inside is as charming as the bottle. It is a beautiful citrusy-gourmand fragrance. I can smell lemon with some bitter-sweet orange, sugary spicy vanilla. My whole bathroom smells like lemon pie! I am wearing a lot of the perfume today from whatever I could salvage of it. Usually I am overwhelmed by the smell of the broken perfume that I tend to get an aversion to it, like it happened to me with Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue. But with this one, I quite like it. Maybe it is a sign that need a bigger bottle.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bundle of Joy!

I came home to this yesterday, a pack of lovely samples picked just for me by Dear Dee! It absolutely made my day!

I haven't yet had the chance to smell them all, but I already have a favourite, Aurora from The Morbid The Merrier, just loved the chocolate in it. Also Cioccolata from Scent By The Sea, an Etsy store, really caught my attention, not only the bottle looks cute but also I love the chocolate, citrusy, floral scent. This is all I needed to make an order, I ordered two sampler packs from Scent By The Sea, they are already shipped and I can't wait to try all of the others. You are a damn good enabler Dee! Thank you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tom Ford Private Blend White Musk Collection

I was really excited when I took a whiff of Tom Ford's Jasmine Musk from the White musk Collection at David Jones, love at first sniff as I adore jasmine scents. I sniffed the other three from the collection but was a little confused about what was what, like it happens to me most of the times! I came home to check on eBay and found a fantastic deal for all 4 samples from the collection. Of course I was out bid, but then I got a second chance offer from the seller at the price I originally bid. It was like meant to be, I had to have them, it was the verdict of the universe! The seller posted them in a snap and it landed in my post box a couple of days ago. He even threw a freebie of Black Orchid, I already have it, you can never have enough, but I wish it was Tobacco Vanille.
Reading so much about musk in Indian literature, Kasturi, musk as it is known to me has always fascinated me. Kalidasa, a Sanskrit poet describes how the musk deer falls in love with its own smell and frantically searches the whole forest to find the source of the smell, not knowing that it is from its own body. About the Musk Collection, being a fan of Musk in general I liked one, loved one, hated one and will give away the other one.

Jasmine Musk: It is just beautiful, my favourite of the collection. It is a soft, adorable jasmine with a hint of ylang ylang. The floral part of it is amazing, it is gentle and delicate. As beautiful as it is, it is quite short lived. The dry down also has hints of jasmine and sandalwood. I really wanted to experience more of the jasmine and even the musk is fleeting.

Musk Pure: Absolutely amazing! It is musk heaven, exquisite and subtle. it starts of with a touch of citrus and some nice floral notes and dries down to a fresh, pristine, crisp almost aldehyde like base. It is easy to wear and easy to like.

Urban Musk: I very much dislike how it begins. I like pepper and cumin, in my food, in this the combination smells weird, caustic and euphemistically speaking "organic" There is something ammoniacal about it. Dry down is ok, it is dry, warm and musky. Not fond of this one, at all.

White Suede: The musk in it has the most animalic quality to it. The animalic quality of the musk enhanced by suede which is leather like, makes it rich and full. The "whiteness" in it, I think refers to it its clean, plain, clear quality of its dry down and the quality of the musk. I would love to smell this on a man. I'll pass this off to hubby to see if he likes it.

The cost of these will not allow me have the full bottle. Even if I could afford, I would only buy the Jasmine Musk. The design of the full size bottle is superb, with white and gold theme, the precisely cut glass with simple straight edges looks gorgeous! Who wouldn't want this on their dresser?!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

DIY Part 1 - Disaster!

DIY perfume, I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I wanted to blend perfume oils rather than make perfumes with alcohol. This is a huge step for someone who is not very patient with any kind of DIY, but hey, I love perfumes, how hard can that be? So with no knowledge whatsoever about the the ratios, quality of oils or the rules of blending, I took the plunge and ordered some fragrant oils from New Directions. They arrived within a couple of days of ordering and they even threw me a free gift! I started blending away, to end up in a disaster.

The oils I ordered were foody ones, as I wanted to make a perfect chocolate perfume oil all by myself. I ordered: Chocolate, Pina Colada, Vanilla, Black Cherry Sorbet, Strawberry. First impression of the oils was quite favourable for me. Chocolate was not what I expected, malty than being chocolate-y, which wasn't particularly disappointing. Black Cherry Sorbet was good, cherry syrup. Pina Colada smelt alright in the bottle.

The disaster part began when I started mixing. I settled on the couch, with oils on the coffee table, with an amber bottle, a dropper, some tissues and no strategy. The only thing I knew for a fact was that 20 drops = 1 ml, using that knowledge I used 1 ml of chocolate, 1 ml of vanilla (which in my mind was the base notes) 1/2 ml of Pina Colada and just two drops of sorbet (as top notes)

One thing I noticed straight off was that the "oils" weren't mixing. The mixture kept separating into water and oil and I did shake well to form an emulsion but after sometime, it separated, never to mix uniformly, ever.

Ok, the smell, I have to be honest, I did gag! Yes, I made a total stinker. The Pina Colada is to blame for this, it smells like pineapple syrup,this mixed with the malt like chocolate, it was terrible! It smelt like Panadol syrup with Milo in it.

I also ripped some paint off our very nice coffee table as some of the oil spilt over....

But I am happy I actually went for it and did it and learnt some lessons. My next time was a much better attempt.


The rest of my BPAL order included scents that I chose randomly from the website by searching for my favourite notes as key words. So I got Hellcat for almond notes, Bordello for booze, Drink Me for fruity tart, Kali for chocolate, Defututa for champaca and Paramatman just for the name.

Defututa: For me jasmine + champaca = love. Although this scent did not exactly bring back memories of home as I expected, I like it. There are some beautiful light florals (jasmine and champaca) slightly weighed down by honey and a tinge of vanilla though vanilla seems to have been lost on me, I can still "feel" it. On me, it turns out into a beautiful floral with honey, which is light and pretty.

I looked up what Defututa means and this perfume does not make me feel or smell like one!

Hellcat: It is the most gorgeous almond scent. Almonds, honey and liquor is all I smell and just love it. I most definitely smell camphor in it which adds a character, though not mentioned in the notes. I am leaning towards a full bottle.

Drink Me: Don't really know what to think of it, it is buttery with cherry and pineapple, the combination for me is not to die for. I have to wear it for a whole day to decide.

Bordello: Really lovely plums and berries in almond liqueur, it is sweet, soft, creamy and very edible! The black currants are very juicy and unmissable.  It is a wonderful fragrance

Kali: Deep, velvety, sensual scent sweetened by honey, spiked with liquor, lots of it! I bought it for the chocolate note, but it seems to be lost in there, but nevertheless a nice-ish fragrance.

Paramatman: It means supreme soul. It smells holy, just like what I expected. Chamapaca with sandalwood feels a little incense-y, a little sweet and just right. Though the combination sounds like Naga Champa, to me, it is not. It is sweeter and more wearable than than the actual incense which is a plus for me.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

BPAL is finally here, I'm so excited! I got the order in less than a month, what a pleasant surprise! Everything I ordered is exceptional, I two full bottles blind without even sniffing, they are stunning! I ordered a set of six assorted imps and I got 6 more imps (Frimps in BPAL lingo!) which is very generous. After looking into the website, straining my eyes reading the tiny print and lurking through the BPAL and various other forums, I finally decided to go for the oh-so-famous Snake Oil and for my foody-chocolate-y addiction, I went with Glottony.

Snake Oil: Super impressed! I can totally see why its iconic oil of BPAL. It is very exciting from first whiff to the dry down. It starts off spicy and full with incense, the burning, smoky kind of incense. It then transforms into woody, dark and rich vanilla which has a burnt sweetness to it. I like to call it warm but "hot" seems to be the right word as I can feel the heat from the spices, smoked incense and burnt vanilla on my skin making it immensely sexy.
I'm using it at a rate that I need to buy another full size, I see another order coming soon!

Gluttony: Being on the constant lookout for a chocolate-y scent, the description sounded perfect for me. Dear Dee sent me a few chocolate scents which included Vice and Bliss, which are true lighthearted chocolate scents (which will definitely be in my next order) but I thought I'd take a chance with Gluttony. It is not a lighthearted kind of chocolate scent, in fact, it has just a hint of chocolate in it. It is true to its name, it has sinfully eaten up everything, overdosed with butter, cream, caramel, coffee, nuts and dark chocolate.
When sniffed first, it smells like buttercream and lots of sugar. It dramatically transforms into something else on my skin, hazel nuts and more sugar syrup but interestingly I get a shot of steamy, strong espresso, laden with cardamom, dark chocolate, cream. It is a perfect foody scent that can I see myself wearing.

I have 12 new imps which makes me feel like I am in heaven, but one scent at a time.... I think I'll have a sensory overload if I sniff them all today.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ava Luxe

After reading rave reviews about Ava Luxe and the nose behind the name, Serena Ava Franco, I decided to take the plunge and buy some perfume oils from the Etsy store. There are a lot of different perfumes to choose from, both in parfum extrait and perfume oil form. I went for oils as I love perfumes in oil form (and they were cheaper compared to the extraits!)  I really had a hard time to choose as I wanted so many Creme Brulee, No 23, Madam X and the fig one but my means permitted me to buy only two.  After deliberating for a few days, I went for Love's True Bluish Light and Loukhoum and I am happy with both.

Love's True Bluish Light: Don't you just love the name?! I am sniffing it off my wrist as I am typing and I feel it is as beautiful as its name.  It is a gorgeous vanilla fragrance, not heavy, not intense, not foody. It is gentle, delicate, uncomplicated vanilla with creamy, musky amber base, ultra feminine, polished and modern. It is the kind of perfume that you wear and feel sensuous, not sultry. It is described as "Wrap yourself in a silky veil of delicate white vanilla that will make you swoon" Yes, it feels like a silky veil and it did make me swoon!
I am waiting for someone to ask me what I am wearing as it would be nice to say it out loud "Love's True Bluish Light"!

Loukhoum: This fragrance is inspired by the Raahat Loukhoum or the turkish delight. The combination of rose, sugar, butter and nuts is very unusual and intriguing but very delicious! It is a foody rose with an unhealthy serving of butter and cream and you can almost taste the nuts. I don't hate it, but I will reserve it for those days when I feel like something sweet.

They are quite well priced for perfumes that are hand blended. The shipping was reasonable and got here quickly too. They came packed in pretty little boxes, individually labeled, with cute bows tied around them! I only wish the store had samples like they used to have before, so I could try all the perfumes! I think The Perfumes Court have samples, I will get some in my next order.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I recently read that Thierry Mugler has come out with a new fragrance called Womanity which is supposedly a tribute to women (the bond between women) It has an unusual combination of two notes fig and caviar. It struck me that the comparision is too literal, figs being the shape of womb and the caviar is nothing but eggs. So does womanity translate to just uterus and eggs? Being a woman should I be offended? Or do I sound like a wacky conspiracy theorist? I don't know...... I couldn't help but wonder if he ever came out with a perfume called Manhood what it would have in it..... Nuts and bananas?!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scent Of The Day: Badgley Mischka

I got Badgely Mischka, the original, in the mail yesterday as a swap from a wonderful person from Beauty Heaven. I am really lucky to get such a great perfume. I remember saying to myself "good" when I sniffed it a few months ago, this along with the Couture version of it. Badgley Mischka Couture is less fruity (with a distinct vetiver note to my nose) making it sexier compared to the Original which is classier. I am wearing the Badgley Mischka Original today and just love it!

Just like the bright golden fluid in the very elegant bottle, the perfume itself is bright, strong, intense and screams at you for attention,  in a very sophisticated and gracious way. Combination of golden fruits, luscious but not sweet with very rich florals is sharp at first and mellows down on my skin to a beautiful creamy musky, slightly fermented fruits. Everything is brought together and well rounded to make it a modern perfume that smells expensive. The staying power is great. I could smell fruits of some kind and wondered where it came from hours after just testing it on my wrist yesterday. No one can miss you when you wear it, I got asked twice today about my perfume and both were compliments.
This is the perfume that oozes sophistication, class in a bottle and I'll be wearing it whenever I want to feel like a "rich bitch"! One thing I love about fragrances by famous couture designers is that being a mortal, their perfumes are a piece of luxury that I can afford (or in this case, what a great swap!) if not their clothes and shoes.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MOR Perfume Oils

Whenever I am in the city strolling through the cosmetic aisles of David Jones and Myers, one of the many temptations is the perfume oils by Mor Cosmetics. These perfume oils are from the Little Luxuries range, they cost under $20 AUD which makes it perfect little treats to spoil myself. Oh, they also have an entire range of goodies like lip nectars, hand cremes, body oils and body creams, all in so many yummy flavours!
Over the last few months I have collected three of the perfume oils and have a huge tub of body butter. For someone like me who loves perfume oils these are a great way to buy delicious oils in retail without the pain of endlessly waiting for orders in mail. Instant gratification! The three oils I have are Marshmallow, Belladonna and Lychee Flower and here is what I think about them.


Marshmallow: Yummmm! It is exactly like rose petals dipped in sugary, gooey, slightly burnt marshmallow with florals and vanilla. Love it! It reminds me of the Raahat Loukhoum or the turkish delight. When I wear it, I don't feel like a walking candy shop. I do get the much needed sweetness but what settles on my skin is the beautiful sweet florals and vanilla. It is not a grown up kind of scent, but with these kind of perfumes around, I refuse to grow up!

Belladonna: It is my favourite of the three I have. This perfume is the more sophisticated version of marshmallow which is more feminine yet young at heart. It has beautiful floral notes with rose, jasmine and more white flowers with much needed sweetness and vanilla with a hint of woody notes. It is absolutely delightful fragrance that you can wear anywhere any time and feel great.

Lychee Flower: If you like lychee this is for you! For me lychee is a fruit which has more fragrance than flavour, making it less satisfying and I think this perfume is exactly the same. There is something in it that does not satisfy me the way the other two do. It is sweet but it has a lot of tartness of lychees and berries with floral notes leaving a nice powdery, sourness on my skin. I think this would be perfect for the coming months when spring arrives and summer takes over. I will wait to see what it does to me in hotter months.

There are other two in the Little Luxuries range, Snow gardenia which is a bunch of big white flowers and Cassis Noir which I have not smelt, but I am sure they will be mine within a few months. These oils have a fanstatic staying power with nice sillage and they come in very cute packaging. There are candles which come in Marshmallow perfume in a pretty little tea cup, after enjoying the candle you can actually use the cup to drink tea! How pretty is that, I want!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Winter Perfumes

I have the same wish every winter, I want to be a big brown bear and hibernate for months only to wake up to a beautiful spring morning! On gloomy, wet, mind-numbing days, I don't have to be a polar bear to hibernate. Alas, the more I hibernate, the winter gloom starts shifting inwards. This is when I turn to my perfumes to wake me up, to survive the cold and just to live again. I am spritzing away a few fragrances this winter, some to comfort, some to feel sexy and some just to lift my mood.

PhotobucketThe Body Shop Vanilla Perfume Oil: This is my go to fragrance for any time of the year and just what I need in winter, a touch of warm, toasty vanilla. It is like wrapping myself in a woollen shawl, so cosy and comfortable. It is not just a monotonous vanilla oil, it has a touch of citrus to begin with, which beautifully blends into soft florals and finally drying down to a delightful vanilla. Vanilla is well balanced by all the florals, making it not the syrupy kind of vanilla but just sweet enough to feel its warmth. I pretty much layer it with everything, florals which are too floral-y and gourmands which are too sweet, anything. A nice dab of vanilla oil is perfect for a cold day-in, warming up on the couch, with a hot pepper-laced Cup-A-Soup, oh bliss!

PhotobucketTom Ford Private Blend: Tobacco Vanille: Unlike the comforting TBS vanilla oil, this is a dark, sultry, sexy kind of vanilla that totally blows me away. I get a vanilla orgasm every time I smell it! A rich creamy, soft vanilla is blended with the most beautiful, dry, tobacco leaves and a hint of spices with just a teeny tiny bit of smoky sweetness, it can't get any perfect than this. My non smoker husband likes it on me and asks if I have worn "the tobacco" fragrance! Just to point out, tobacco is not the kind that you smell in the smoke of cigarettes, it is dry, leafy kind that is exquisite and just beautiful.
I initially bought a clone oil of this from Hayward Enterprises. It is pretty much spot on with the dry down and longer lasting oil form. I had to buy the real thing as I was missing out on the whole experience of feeling the top notes of lush tobacco and the process of development on my skin into warm sexy dark vanilla. I just bought a vial off eBay and I am definitely buying the whole bottle at some point in my life. I think it is well worth the feeling of sexiness it gives me even in the dreaded cold weather.


Talisman by Balenciaga
: This strong cocktail of fruity-floral-boozy-leathery-spicy-woody notes cased in a lovely bottle has everything to beat the cold. Classified as chypre, it has the sharpness of aldehyde which is just enough to wake me up from winter sloth. This whole brew of varied notes blends harmoniously and turns into a beauty on my skin, making me feel feminine and pleasant.


Queen by Queen Latifah
: Oh yes, bring on the booze! Just like Queen Latifah herself, there is no royalty in this fragrance, but I love the combination of florals with woods, incense and sweet, juicy cognac. It is sweet, feminine, romantic scent bordering sexy. It is too beautiful for a celebrity fragrance.


Dior Hypnotic Poison:
My old favourite, strong, seductive, slightly spicy, floral which a rich elegant feel to it. It instantly brightens up everything, makes everything alright and life is good all of a sudden!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Love Perfumes

If you have known me or even had a 2 minute conversation with me, you will know that I am obsessed with two things, makeup and perfume! I am equally obsessed with both, but my fragrance fetish dates further back than my makeup mania. I am the little girl who wondered what the golden fluid in that crystal bottle was, it smelt strong but I wanted to keep smelling it, it was Intimate by Revlon. Decades later, I'm the very same little girl, fascinated by perfumes more than ever, still exploring. I am hooked on everything about perfumes, perfumes are my obsession, my indulgence, my virtue and my vice. What is it that I love about perfumes? Lets see what my logic of addiction is....

1. The thrill of the first sniff, anticipating the perfume to magically transform into something totally different on the skin...... the edginess, sense of adventure and pure pleasure.

2. Perfumes sustain my addictive personality by satisfying my constant urge to try something new, without harming my health.

3. Perfumes are my accessories that go with any outfit, invisible yet can never go unnoticed.

4. Size doesn't matter when it comes to perfumes, my butt always looks fabulous in any perfume.

5. I can wear perfume while doing dishes and still feel a million dollars.

6. I can relish kissing a hundred frogs, with no pressure to find the one, my signature scent.

7. I love to be spoilt for choice. I can have one for every mood, season and if I am crazy, one for every few hours!

8. I can be carried away in time, space (and continuum!) in just a spritz.

9. Perfumes are my food for thought, something to feed my ego, keeps my nose sharp and wits sharper.

10. Perfumes are my secret respite from life. Drowning in perfume to keep my head above water!