Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Love Perfumes

If you have known me or even had a 2 minute conversation with me, you will know that I am obsessed with two things, makeup and perfume! I am equally obsessed with both, but my fragrance fetish dates further back than my makeup mania. I am the little girl who wondered what the golden fluid in that crystal bottle was, it smelt strong but I wanted to keep smelling it, it was Intimate by Revlon. Decades later, I'm the very same little girl, fascinated by perfumes more than ever, still exploring. I am hooked on everything about perfumes, perfumes are my obsession, my indulgence, my virtue and my vice. What is it that I love about perfumes? Lets see what my logic of addiction is....

1. The thrill of the first sniff, anticipating the perfume to magically transform into something totally different on the skin...... the edginess, sense of adventure and pure pleasure.

2. Perfumes sustain my addictive personality by satisfying my constant urge to try something new, without harming my health.

3. Perfumes are my accessories that go with any outfit, invisible yet can never go unnoticed.

4. Size doesn't matter when it comes to perfumes, my butt always looks fabulous in any perfume.

5. I can wear perfume while doing dishes and still feel a million dollars.

6. I can relish kissing a hundred frogs, with no pressure to find the one, my signature scent.

7. I love to be spoilt for choice. I can have one for every mood, season and if I am crazy, one for every few hours!

8. I can be carried away in time, space (and continuum!) in just a spritz.

9. Perfumes are my food for thought, something to feed my ego, keeps my nose sharp and wits sharper.

10. Perfumes are my secret respite from life. Drowning in perfume to keep my head above water!


  1. I couldn't agree more. I am totally a perfumeaholic too. I'm too ashamed to count them all but I'm sure I could go a whole month (and maybe a bit more) without wearing the same perfume twice.
    Ann-Marie (aka Pinkshoes)

  2. Hey Pink Shoes, great to see you here! Lets not count our perfumes, there is no too much of a good thing :)

  3. I'm nodding away for every point! Loved it, great blog.

  4. Fantastic blog, this is amazing Su you should be proud of your work, I look forward to reading some of your future blogs and perfume reviews. BIG WARNING to one's self, this could be another dangerous addiction, if that happens then I have only got Su to thank, hehe ;)

  5. Thanks Mel and Anon :)
    Another reason to buy perfumes, to write about them :D