Friday, July 23, 2010

Ava Luxe

After reading rave reviews about Ava Luxe and the nose behind the name, Serena Ava Franco, I decided to take the plunge and buy some perfume oils from the Etsy store. There are a lot of different perfumes to choose from, both in parfum extrait and perfume oil form. I went for oils as I love perfumes in oil form (and they were cheaper compared to the extraits!)  I really had a hard time to choose as I wanted so many Creme Brulee, No 23, Madam X and the fig one but my means permitted me to buy only two.  After deliberating for a few days, I went for Love's True Bluish Light and Loukhoum and I am happy with both.

Love's True Bluish Light: Don't you just love the name?! I am sniffing it off my wrist as I am typing and I feel it is as beautiful as its name.  It is a gorgeous vanilla fragrance, not heavy, not intense, not foody. It is gentle, delicate, uncomplicated vanilla with creamy, musky amber base, ultra feminine, polished and modern. It is the kind of perfume that you wear and feel sensuous, not sultry. It is described as "Wrap yourself in a silky veil of delicate white vanilla that will make you swoon" Yes, it feels like a silky veil and it did make me swoon!
I am waiting for someone to ask me what I am wearing as it would be nice to say it out loud "Love's True Bluish Light"!

Loukhoum: This fragrance is inspired by the Raahat Loukhoum or the turkish delight. The combination of rose, sugar, butter and nuts is very unusual and intriguing but very delicious! It is a foody rose with an unhealthy serving of butter and cream and you can almost taste the nuts. I don't hate it, but I will reserve it for those days when I feel like something sweet.

They are quite well priced for perfumes that are hand blended. The shipping was reasonable and got here quickly too. They came packed in pretty little boxes, individually labeled, with cute bows tied around them! I only wish the store had samples like they used to have before, so I could try all the perfumes! I think The Perfumes Court have samples, I will get some in my next order.

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