Saturday, July 24, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

BPAL is finally here, I'm so excited! I got the order in less than a month, what a pleasant surprise! Everything I ordered is exceptional, I two full bottles blind without even sniffing, they are stunning! I ordered a set of six assorted imps and I got 6 more imps (Frimps in BPAL lingo!) which is very generous. After looking into the website, straining my eyes reading the tiny print and lurking through the BPAL and various other forums, I finally decided to go for the oh-so-famous Snake Oil and for my foody-chocolate-y addiction, I went with Glottony.

Snake Oil: Super impressed! I can totally see why its iconic oil of BPAL. It is very exciting from first whiff to the dry down. It starts off spicy and full with incense, the burning, smoky kind of incense. It then transforms into woody, dark and rich vanilla which has a burnt sweetness to it. I like to call it warm but "hot" seems to be the right word as I can feel the heat from the spices, smoked incense and burnt vanilla on my skin making it immensely sexy.
I'm using it at a rate that I need to buy another full size, I see another order coming soon!

Gluttony: Being on the constant lookout for a chocolate-y scent, the description sounded perfect for me. Dear Dee sent me a few chocolate scents which included Vice and Bliss, which are true lighthearted chocolate scents (which will definitely be in my next order) but I thought I'd take a chance with Gluttony. It is not a lighthearted kind of chocolate scent, in fact, it has just a hint of chocolate in it. It is true to its name, it has sinfully eaten up everything, overdosed with butter, cream, caramel, coffee, nuts and dark chocolate.
When sniffed first, it smells like buttercream and lots of sugar. It dramatically transforms into something else on my skin, hazel nuts and more sugar syrup but interestingly I get a shot of steamy, strong espresso, laden with cardamom, dark chocolate, cream. It is a perfect foody scent that can I see myself wearing.

I have 12 new imps which makes me feel like I am in heaven, but one scent at a time.... I think I'll have a sensory overload if I sniff them all today.


  1. Haha, I think Gluttony might be included in the ones I posted on Friday! I love the smell of it in the vial, but it went very sweet on my skin. I adore Snake Oil - every time I wear it people comment and ask me what it is.

    BPAL are always generous with frimping, which is why I don't mind so much the long wait for their stuff. So what freebies did you get?

  2. Gluttony is very sweet bordering unbearable, but it smells good on me :) I know that you love Snake Oil. Also Womb Furie will be in my next order. Thanks so much Dee, can't wait to see what other wonderful smellies you have sent me!

    I got these freebies: Juke Joint, Brisingamen, The Little Sparrow, Has No Hanna, Tamora and Imperious Tiger Lily. I really like the last two :)

  3. Oh cool, I've never tried any of those so I'll be interested to hear what you think of them.

  4. BPAL is not anything I have EVER heard of until now, but you learn something new everyday, thanks for sharing your excitement with us, loved your reviews in the following post also, you have the knack at describing perfumes that is an art on its own :)

  5. Thanks Mel, BPAL has a huge following, more like a cult. They are very unique and different kind of scents. I'm new, just a drop in the ocean!