Sunday, July 25, 2010


The rest of my BPAL order included scents that I chose randomly from the website by searching for my favourite notes as key words. So I got Hellcat for almond notes, Bordello for booze, Drink Me for fruity tart, Kali for chocolate, Defututa for champaca and Paramatman just for the name.

Defututa: For me jasmine + champaca = love. Although this scent did not exactly bring back memories of home as I expected, I like it. There are some beautiful light florals (jasmine and champaca) slightly weighed down by honey and a tinge of vanilla though vanilla seems to have been lost on me, I can still "feel" it. On me, it turns out into a beautiful floral with honey, which is light and pretty.

I looked up what Defututa means and this perfume does not make me feel or smell like one!

Hellcat: It is the most gorgeous almond scent. Almonds, honey and liquor is all I smell and just love it. I most definitely smell camphor in it which adds a character, though not mentioned in the notes. I am leaning towards a full bottle.

Drink Me: Don't really know what to think of it, it is buttery with cherry and pineapple, the combination for me is not to die for. I have to wear it for a whole day to decide.

Bordello: Really lovely plums and berries in almond liqueur, it is sweet, soft, creamy and very edible! The black currants are very juicy and unmissable.  It is a wonderful fragrance

Kali: Deep, velvety, sensual scent sweetened by honey, spiked with liquor, lots of it! I bought it for the chocolate note, but it seems to be lost in there, but nevertheless a nice-ish fragrance.

Paramatman: It means supreme soul. It smells holy, just like what I expected. Chamapaca with sandalwood feels a little incense-y, a little sweet and just right. Though the combination sounds like Naga Champa, to me, it is not. It is sweeter and more wearable than than the actual incense which is a plus for me.

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