Sunday, July 25, 2010

DIY Part 1 - Disaster!

DIY perfume, I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I wanted to blend perfume oils rather than make perfumes with alcohol. This is a huge step for someone who is not very patient with any kind of DIY, but hey, I love perfumes, how hard can that be? So with no knowledge whatsoever about the the ratios, quality of oils or the rules of blending, I took the plunge and ordered some fragrant oils from New Directions. They arrived within a couple of days of ordering and they even threw me a free gift! I started blending away, to end up in a disaster.

The oils I ordered were foody ones, as I wanted to make a perfect chocolate perfume oil all by myself. I ordered: Chocolate, Pina Colada, Vanilla, Black Cherry Sorbet, Strawberry. First impression of the oils was quite favourable for me. Chocolate was not what I expected, malty than being chocolate-y, which wasn't particularly disappointing. Black Cherry Sorbet was good, cherry syrup. Pina Colada smelt alright in the bottle.

The disaster part began when I started mixing. I settled on the couch, with oils on the coffee table, with an amber bottle, a dropper, some tissues and no strategy. The only thing I knew for a fact was that 20 drops = 1 ml, using that knowledge I used 1 ml of chocolate, 1 ml of vanilla (which in my mind was the base notes) 1/2 ml of Pina Colada and just two drops of sorbet (as top notes)

One thing I noticed straight off was that the "oils" weren't mixing. The mixture kept separating into water and oil and I did shake well to form an emulsion but after sometime, it separated, never to mix uniformly, ever.

Ok, the smell, I have to be honest, I did gag! Yes, I made a total stinker. The Pina Colada is to blame for this, it smells like pineapple syrup,this mixed with the malt like chocolate, it was terrible! It smelt like Panadol syrup with Milo in it.

I also ripped some paint off our very nice coffee table as some of the oil spilt over....

But I am happy I actually went for it and did it and learnt some lessons. My next time was a much better attempt.


  1. Sounds like heaps of fun, you definitely do learn from your mistakes and you gotta start somewhere, you did well just to get in and have a go, well done darl, you will be an expert in no time at all :)