Monday, July 26, 2010

Tom Ford Private Blend White Musk Collection

I was really excited when I took a whiff of Tom Ford's Jasmine Musk from the White musk Collection at David Jones, love at first sniff as I adore jasmine scents. I sniffed the other three from the collection but was a little confused about what was what, like it happens to me most of the times! I came home to check on eBay and found a fantastic deal for all 4 samples from the collection. Of course I was out bid, but then I got a second chance offer from the seller at the price I originally bid. It was like meant to be, I had to have them, it was the verdict of the universe! The seller posted them in a snap and it landed in my post box a couple of days ago. He even threw a freebie of Black Orchid, I already have it, you can never have enough, but I wish it was Tobacco Vanille.
Reading so much about musk in Indian literature, Kasturi, musk as it is known to me has always fascinated me. Kalidasa, a Sanskrit poet describes how the musk deer falls in love with its own smell and frantically searches the whole forest to find the source of the smell, not knowing that it is from its own body. About the Musk Collection, being a fan of Musk in general I liked one, loved one, hated one and will give away the other one.

Jasmine Musk: It is just beautiful, my favourite of the collection. It is a soft, adorable jasmine with a hint of ylang ylang. The floral part of it is amazing, it is gentle and delicate. As beautiful as it is, it is quite short lived. The dry down also has hints of jasmine and sandalwood. I really wanted to experience more of the jasmine and even the musk is fleeting.

Musk Pure: Absolutely amazing! It is musk heaven, exquisite and subtle. it starts of with a touch of citrus and some nice floral notes and dries down to a fresh, pristine, crisp almost aldehyde like base. It is easy to wear and easy to like.

Urban Musk: I very much dislike how it begins. I like pepper and cumin, in my food, in this the combination smells weird, caustic and euphemistically speaking "organic" There is something ammoniacal about it. Dry down is ok, it is dry, warm and musky. Not fond of this one, at all.

White Suede: The musk in it has the most animalic quality to it. The animalic quality of the musk enhanced by suede which is leather like, makes it rich and full. The "whiteness" in it, I think refers to it its clean, plain, clear quality of its dry down and the quality of the musk. I would love to smell this on a man. I'll pass this off to hubby to see if he likes it.

The cost of these will not allow me have the full bottle. Even if I could afford, I would only buy the Jasmine Musk. The design of the full size bottle is superb, with white and gold theme, the precisely cut glass with simple straight edges looks gorgeous! Who wouldn't want this on their dresser?!


  1. How much are the full size bottles, do you know? I keep eyeing off the Tobacco Vanille in DJs.

  2. Hey Dee, the White Musk collection retails at $290 Australian for 50mls, eeek! I LOVE Tobacco Vanille, it is a tad cheaper, still quite exy for me!

  3. Great reviews, I've been really curious about the musk range - Jasmine Musk sounds lovely!

  4. Thanks Stefanie, the jasmine one is lovely :)

  5. I love these reviews. Pure Musk sounds suitable for me. I may have to look at eBay to buy a set of these samples for myself. The bottles look gorgeous, but out of my price range.

  6. Ooohhh la la, right out of my league, but oh so pretty :)

  7. Thanks! Perfumes could be quite money sucking!