Thursday, July 22, 2010


I recently read that Thierry Mugler has come out with a new fragrance called Womanity which is supposedly a tribute to women (the bond between women) It has an unusual combination of two notes fig and caviar. It struck me that the comparision is too literal, figs being the shape of womb and the caviar is nothing but eggs. So does womanity translate to just uterus and eggs? Being a woman should I be offended? Or do I sound like a wacky conspiracy theorist? I don't know...... I couldn't help but wonder if he ever came out with a perfume called Manhood what it would have in it..... Nuts and bananas?!


  1. Maybe the caviar is meant to represent the perceived scent of... uh...

    But yeah, not really getting the tribute there!

  2. LOL Dee, good point, makes it all the more inappropriate!

  3. Hmmm.... fig and caviar? I want to smell this one when it hits the stores.
    But yes, it doesn't sound respectful. LOL @ nuts and bananas!


  4. Hey Jo, I want to smell it too but looks like it will take a while to hit Aussie stores.