Saturday, August 28, 2010

Delices de Cartier

Look at this baby! My newest perfume acquisition Delices de Cartier miniature! How adorable is this bottle!

Top Notes: Cherry, Pink Pepper, Bergamot
Mid Notes: Jasmine, Freesia, Violet
Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean
By its name and by looking at the bottle anybody can guess that it is a fruity cherry based perfume . Yes, it is a delicious cherry scent, but not Yum kind of cherry, it is more Ooh kind of cherry!  The cherry is perfectly sweet and perfectly tart. 

To me it is a ripe, juicy cherry that is naturally sweet and sour, all fructose with no added sugar! It has a zing of fresh bergamot to add to the soft powdery fruit before advancing into floral territory slightly losing its connection to cherry and turns very jasmine-y. It dries down to a creamy musky base, still maintaining the powdery sweetness. The one I got is EDP, I have not smelt or compared it to the EDT form. EDP does last for say, 3 or 4 hours before completely disappearing.

Overall it is an easy to wear, pleasant, happy and cheerful perfume. This fruity floral perfume is very sophisticated and modern that feels as glamourous and lovely as the bottle.


  1. Sounds so interesting, Cherry isn't normally a scent that I can even imagine as a scent if you know what I mean, lol. I have eaten cherries but can't recall smelling anything cherry. You make it sound very delish though darl :)

  2. Cherry like some fruits (lychee) has more of a flavour than fragrance I think :)