Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scent By The Sea: A Bouquet Of Lovelies, A Review

My review of A Bouquet of Lovelies

Dark patchouli
This scent is exactly like squashing a fresh patchouli leaf and placing it under your nose. It has depth and darkness to it. It is pure patchouli essential oil mixed with the diluent oils, nothing creative but for someone who loves patchouli, it is like heaven. Yes, I am a patchouli lover, I love to wear patchouli and don't think I smell like an unshowered hippie!

Patchouli Rose: 
Rose petals dipped in sugar syrup dominates the patchouli smell. On my skin, it is sugary rose, with hints of patchouli. The longest lasting scent of the lot.

It is a single note jasmine fragrance, I love jasmine, so obviously love this one. Also great for layering.

I don't really know the smell of violet. This smells floral and powdery, soft and pleasing. Very wearable and feminine.

Sweet, sugar laden florals with caramel-y, soft, fruity notes. Girly, playful and flirty scent.

I loved it when Dee sent me a sample to try. It is such a beautiful chocolate scent, it has hints of citrus notes like fresh lemon and orange. I can also smell subtle floral notes coming through. It is yum and very wearable! I passed on this scent to a friend and she just loves it, she says that she hasn't smelt anything like this, ever!

Green Tea: 
It is bitter green tea with a squeeze of fresh lemon and loads of sugar. The bitterness, citrus and sweet comes together very well and is very well balanced. It is a scent that you wear and feel fresh, best for spring or summer.

Heady seductive florals predominantly rose. Powdery and bold, a little too floral for me. 

Dreamy and hypnotic with lavender and a creamy vanilla base. I don't like lavender but this one is quite pleasing and wearable. 

Sweet Hashish:
I think I know what hash smells like, it is resinous as is and when smoked, it is herbal and less pungent than tobacco smoke. This scent is a combination of resinous hash and the smoke coming from a hukkah which is sweetened by some kind of fruit. It is unexpectedly beautiful and rich.

Scent by the Sea has anther sample set called A Caravan of Fragrant Treasures, can't wait to order it and test out all the scents, I am sure I'll find more favourites!


  1. ooh I can't wait to get my samples - they sound lovely!

  2. Hey Su, nice reviews. I wonder on what occasion you'll wear that Hashish scent, LOL

  3. I'm sure you will enjoy them Stephanie :)

    LOL Angie, I don't know, maybe when I am in Nimbin next time :D

  4. What a gorgeous little sampler, looks and sounds divine, I could do with a set of these, so many scents for all occasions :)