Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scent By The Sea: Review

Look what the Sea Scent me! This is my haul from an Etsy store Scent By The Sea  ( 88 metal mania palette peeping from behind). When Dear Dee sent me a sample of Cioccolata,  I loved the scent and the cute little dram bottle with a tag label. I ordered two sampler packs from the store which were shipped at lightening speed and arrived in one week's time from far away US. Impressive! The two sampler packs I ordered are Garden Of Earthly Delights and A Bouquet of Lovelies with 10 different scents in each sampler pack. The cost is affordable at $12US for each sampler pack. The size is generous with 5/8 dram* in each bottle. They come in pretty little organza draw string gift bags, they are like little gifts for yourself!

Here is my review of the Garden Of Earthly Delights sample sets.
Middle Earth: 

What a surprise! When I first sniffed it out of the bottle it smelt very fruity. But on my skin, it transforms into a green forest full fruits and flowers. The green component is supposed to be pine but to me it is distinctly marjoram and davana leaf, both of which have floral and herbal quality to them to add to the greenness, which I love! The base is woody, sweet, slightly resinous and rich. This is forest in a bottle indeed!
Sandalwood Vanilla
Amazingly sweet vanilla with woody sandalwood, makes it my top scent of the lot. On my skin, the sweetness is subdued, the depth of the sandalwood is enhanced and the vanilla comes out beautifully. It is so unique with the balance of creaminess of vanilla and sensual sandalwood.

Egyptian Honey:
   Such a charming honey scent! It does not smell like "real" honey, it is more complex but easy at the same time. It has just the right amount of honey, with delightful florals and musk, making it more of a refined, sexy, floral scent than a gourmand.

Cinema Rouge
It is sweet and dries down to soft and rich amber. On my skin it is almost pure amber, which I haven't smelt in a long time.

A punch of florals maybe honeysuckle or magnolia, laced with sweetness which is not sugary but very light and honey like. It is a cute scent.

Fiori di Roma
Flowers of Rome, it smells like mashed fresh flowers, fresh and gentle.

It is a sensual floral scent, that has something tropical about it. It is a strong floral which oozes sensuality but smoothes out to a bearable floral on my skin.

I thought it was a single note fragrance of frangipani and got a little excited, but it is not the kind of powdery floral frangipani I expected. It is sweet, very sweet, coconut-y, tropical cocktail-like scent. I like it though.

China Rain
Fresh, unisex, slightly floral, hints of spices and musk.

Cote d Azure
OH MY! Supposed to smell like southern cost of France, with champagne, lavender, vanilla and coconut. When I had a whiff, it smelt like rancid, fermented coconut milk or the smell of coconut gone bad. I figured out what can produce this smell, it is the combination of lavender and coconut, very strange and not very pleasing to me. I did wear it on my skin, the rancidity went away leaving  lavender, but oh no, definitely not for me!

*dram is an apothecary unit. Being used to the metric system, I had to do a little math to work out the measure of dram in mls.
8 drams = 1 ounce = 30ml
5/8 dram ≃ 2.4 ml
which is generous enough for many uses.


  1. Great reviews - I think I might just order some samples from this line :) Sandalwood Vanilla sounds like just my thing!

  2. What a great review, will definitely check out that store. All the scents sound intriguing. I'm jealous of your metal mania palette!


  3. I'm sure you both will love most of the scents, Stephanie and Jo.

    Jo, I'm loving the palette, will be a great addition to your collection :)

  4. I wore Cinema Rouge today and I LOVED it. It reminds me a lot of another classic commercial fragrance but I can't for the life of me think what it is.

  5. Dee, can't really put my finger on it but could it be Cinnabar or Youth Dew? I love them both :)

  6. Hi Su,
    Loved your reviews of our scents – thank you so much for posting that! You are spot on with some of the fragrance notes you mentioned – and thanks for your honesty with Cote d'Azur! ;^) We understand that not every perfume will be well-loved. Kim (the perfume maker of our business) likes to push the envelope a bit.

  7. Hi Kel, I love almost all the scents and impressed with the service.
    Well done, Kim for coming up with such unique creations. It always nice to see something different, even Cote d'Azure may grow on me one day :)

  8. Wow wow wow thats all I can say Su, you are getting so good at this, I told you that you will be famous one day ;)
    I am mega jealous of your palette too, I would love to get something like that one day, ho hum one day, lol.

  9. LOL Mel :D
    Palette is awesome, I think everyone should have one!