Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scent of the day: smelly mess!

I received two fake The Body Shop perfume oils, Woody Sandalwood and Juba yesterday. The seller gave a slack reply saying that they were authentic but "reformulated". It indeed is reformulated, not by The Body Shop, but by the seller herself using a thin, low viscosity diluent oil! I am disappointed, hurt and feel ripped off but have no patience or the will to open a dispute, which I am pretty sure will only add more stress to my already full-on life. I am just bearing it all with a grin.

Anyhow, I thought I'd give the benefit of doubt to the seller and tested the Woody Sandalwood oil on my freshly showered body. Gosh! It smells of something earthy, not in the pleasant way. I also smell some kind of wood that I can't even name and no trace of sandalwood whatsoever. It smelt awful on my body, so I thought I'd layer it with some frankincense and myrrh oil thinking that frankincense and sandalwood are a pair made in heaven. I don't know what happened there but frankincense just is so overpowering that instead of masking the nastiness, it added to it.  I know I should have stopped there and showered but went on to layer this mess with Calvin Klein Obsession because it can disguise anything, thankfully it did for a while. But now I smell like a mess, a smelly mess. This thick, dense, obnoxious cloud is following me wherever I go. I haven't yet found time to shower, I might just head off to get rid of the stink, before I get a headache which surprising I haven't developed yet.


  1. Awww that sucks! I'm sure she'll get herself some nasty ebay karma

  2. That sucks - if it is "reformulated" it should be clearly stated. You should make a complaint - I know it's a pain but people get away with this stuff because people think it's too much trouble to complain. You didn't get what you paid for and at the very least you should lodge a paypal dispute and get your money back.

  3. Totally sucks :(
    Dee, I thought the same, if no one complains or disputes, these dodgy sellers will flourish. I wrote a serious and angry sounding warning to the seller asking a responsible explanation, threatening to complain. I got a reply that she will resolve the issue and give me full refund, only I have to pay the postage which I don't mind. My mind is at ease now.

    Stephanie, yes I hope and pray she gets it back one day :)

  4. That is dreadful I hope you left her rotten feedback that is one thing that will at least stop anyone else possibly getting ripped off!!!

  5. Definitely giving a negative feedback, now I have to find time to post it back, its been a nightmare!