Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vanilla Challenge Day 1: Annick Goutal Vanille Exquise

Today my mind was on auto pilot mode for a long time, not remembering how I woke up or how I got dressed. I was engrossed in thought, a little stressed about a deadline and just felt lazy. Nothing could stir my brain, not even two cups of coffee.

A sniff of Vanille Exquise was all I needed to kick start my brain. This perfume really makes me think! It makes me think about what kind of vanilla it is! It is difficult for me to describe this vanilla with certainty. The vanilla in it is not a gourmand, it is not sweet, it not simple. It has a depth, complexity and a character. It begins with pure and clean vanilla, that is unadulterated with sweetness. It is combined with benzoin, which gives an incense like quality to the fragrance making it dry, smoky and slightly boozy. Then I catch a hint of bitterness and nuttyness of almond. The drydown is warm, woodsy and creamy which is comforting and elegantly feminine.

It is a must try for a vanilla nut like me because the perfume presents vanilla in very different dimension, very exquisite! It doesn't last too long, I couldn't smell it half way through the day. I just have a sample and considering the price (about $126 AUD on StrawberryNet) not sure if I would buy a full bottle.


  1. This is gorgeous, I'm savouring the small sample I have of this - lovely!

  2. Oh Stefanie, my sample is almost over.... eeek!

  3. Yum yum Su another one I HAVE to look into, love how you describe the scents, you are so good at this darl :)