Friday, August 20, 2010

Vanilla Challenge Day 3: Laurence Dumont Vanille Frangipanier

I'm in love with the whole range of Laurence Dumont Les Senteurs Gourmandes which literally means The Greedy Scents, nothing can explain these better! They are fabulous foody scents which are very refined and classic with a French sophistication. Today I'm wearing Vanille Frangipanier which is a part of the Travel Diary collection.

Vanille Frangipanier takes me to an exotic tropical holiday. It opens with a creaminess, with just a hint of citrus that blends away into some very pretty florals. Though it is a frangipani fragrance in spirit and I can totally feel it, I don't particularly smell it. I get jasmine-like exotic ylang ylang that is combined with very serene sandalwood. Then comes the creamy, spicy vanilla, mixed with toffee that is to die for!

The gourmand-ness of the scent does not overpower its sexiness, making it wearable by lovers and haters of foody scents alike. I think it would be a perfect foody scent for summer as I can imagine it to be light and not too cloying for the heat.

I have bought samples of Laurence Dumont from The Perfumed Court and I love them all. Yet to pick a favourite and yet to find an online store that ships to Australia to buy a full bottle. Good luck to me for that!


  1. Oooh, I've never heard of these but this one sounds right up my alley! I'm putting that on my TPC wishlist right now.

  2. I bet you'll love them Dee, all of them are so gorgeous!

  3. Hmm they sound yummy, pity their website doesn't ship to Australia :(

  4. Oh how I wish they shipped here Stefanie!

  5. Great review darl, it is crazy that online stores dont ship here though, whyyyyyyyyyy???