Monday, August 23, 2010

Vanilla Challenge Day 5: Jessica Simpson: Fancy

I shun away from some celebrity fragrances. I don't even look at them directly and avoid them like an eclipse! Having said that, I'm not a designer/niche snob. I love some and have previously owned a few celebrity fragrances like SJP Lovely and NYC, J Lo Still, Queen by Queen Latifah. I also keep smelling Sean John Unforgivable Balck at the stores contemplating to buy it. Although Jessica Simpson is not a celebrity who I want to smell like, what's a girl to do when she is gifted a perfume that she would not wear by some one she loves (and gasp, by the same person who surprised her with a big bottle of Chanel NÂș5!) Well, I wore it and have come to like it!

Jessica Simpson's Fancy is a vanilla based fruity floral that borders towards being a gourmand fragrance. At first I get sweetened and fermented fruits, which is quite nice and I wish that it lasted longer. It then develops (yes, this one develops unlike some celebrity fruity florals) into a burnt caramel, creamy foody vanilla that is mouth watering. The almond note is lost on me or maybe it is blended into the foody-ness. Overall, it is a well made frangrace that really suits my taste.

I love the colour of the bottle, it is pinkish gold with a delicate filigree design. Cap of the bottle not only looks like but also is as heavy as a door knob is quite tacky and ridiculous. On the upside, I like the fragrance and since I am not worried about running out of it, I can spritz away to my heart's content!


  1. I personally don't have anything against celebrity fragrances, I love even some of Britney's perfumes too :) I have a bottle of this that I got on sale, it is a nice one!

  2. I have the same feelings towards celeb fragrances; If I really like it I'll buy it but I generally don't expect much from them. SJPs Lovely is probably the best I've tried so far, although I do have a bottle of Queen Latifah on the way - unsniffed! eek

  3. Angie, nice to know you like Britney's perfumes, I have never gotten myself to sniff them! Maybe one day!

    Stefanie, you won't be disappointed with Queen, it is incense-y, boozy and very sexy!

  4. This sounds like a nice one Su, the best thing I like about JS's fragrances is that they are so affordable, which is one reason I guess they are so popular, I agree with you though, I can't say that I particularly want to smell like JS, hehe ;)

  5. They are very affordable Mel, nice treat once in a while :)