Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vanilla Challenge Day 6: Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum

I love the dessert Turkish Delight (especially when it is coated with chocolate, like the Cadbury version!) It is a sugar based confection that is jelly like, flavoured with rose water, with lots of nuts and dusted with sugar. It is an intriguing idea to wear the dessert as a fragrance. Being a lover of full on foody fragrances, it strikes the right chord for me!

I love Keiko Mecheri's take on the dessert, it is delectably sweet, very sweet and so enticing! But there is something about it that prevents me from eating it, it is the floral-powdery note. At the first sniff, I get a dramatic rose note. It is the syrupy, candied rose petals, very jammy indeed! The rose gently drifts into a powder. To me, the powder is just like the gentle powdery pollen from fresh flowers, rather than harsh talc. The powder note balances the sweetness, makes it more feminine and sophisticated. The almond notes to make it more crunchy. The entire confection is glazed with vanilla flavoured honey! After a while, it dries down on my skin into a powdery rose with subdued sweetness. I think it is perfect! Though not a true vanilla fragrance, I get some vanilla in the whole medley of all the sugary goodness.

The other version of Turkish Delight that I have tried is Raahat Loukhoum by Ava Luxe. Sniffing these two side by side, Ava Luxe is more nuttier, the rose is less strong and there is no powder. I have to say, I like Keiko Mecheri's version better. I haven't tried Serge Lutens Loukhoum yet, but I soon will!


  1. Sounds beautiful, I love Turkish Delights. yummy :)

  2. Oh Stefanie, it is! Imagine wearing it :)

  3. Num num, very jammy mmm sounds indulging, great blog darl :)