Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vanilla Challenge Day 7: Su's own blend!

Yesterday, I was slack to write, a bit of a personal drama. I found my first grey hair, two of them. The situation felt like a psychological experiment, I went through every defense mechanism.
Delusion: It is just a shiny strand, that looks grey.
Denial: Impossible! I'm just 28.
Impulsive: To pluck it out, but I didn't.
Hypochondriasis: I must be malnourished or anaemic or could it be a major free radical disorder.....?
Intellectualisation: Damn those melanocytes in the hair follicles!
Procrastinated on the three important projects at hand.
Passively got aggressed at poor husband.
Introjected all these reactions to the fact that I am not there in my life where I thought I'd be when I am grey, the lost sense of purpose, sense of achievement. Or the total lack of it.

To suppress all of these, I wore my own blend of perfume oils (and I can brag about it here!) Call it escapism or sublimation, I do feel a sense of achievement!

My work station!

Following my DIY disaster, I continued to blend oils. This time I bought some great essential oils from In Essence from Myers and Sweet Almond oil as a carrier. My blend is a Sweet Spicy Vanilla. It basically has
25% top notes, 20% middle notes and 55% base notes mixed in the carrier oil in 1:1 ratio.

Working out the percentages and ratios into drops and altering as needed, I came up with

Base Notes = 30 drops
Sandalwood oil: 10 drops
Vanilla oil: 10 drops
Cinnamon and clove oil: 10 drops

Middle notes = 10 drops
Ylang Ylang: 5 drops
Gardenia: 5 drops

Top Notes = 14 drops
Vanilla 10 drops
Zanzibar oil from In Essence: 10 drops. I know it won't add up to 14 but then, it smelt right!
I cheated by adding some of BPAL Gluttony around 5 to 6 drops because it is rich, buttery and sweet, balances the spiciness and adds more vanilla.

I used 2 mls of Sweet Almond oil to blend it all. Previously I had used 5 mls which made it weak. After leaving it in a cool dark place at least 72 hours, smelling and testing occasionally, it is ready to wear!

Overall it is a warm vanilla blend that feels comfortable but still has an edginess of spices. It is strong and mellow at the same time. But no one will ask you what you are wearing, it just doesn't stand out, it blends into the skin.

Back to my greys, after drenching my head with coconut oil yesterday and washing off, saturating with an overnight treatment, I have promised to take care of my hair and importantly promised myself not to stress.


  1. I've found a couple of grey hairs in the last couple of years - I just pluck them out. I know you're not meant to, but I'm not leaving them there!

    Your blend sounds yummalicious. :-)

  2. I had grey hairs when I was 17 !! They have been my companions for long.. Love them ;)

  3. That blend sounds gorgeous! I love me some spicey, warm vanilla

  4. Dee, Thats what I'll be doing! I will not leave them there :D

    BK dear, you are so sweet ♥

    Thanks Stefanie :)

  5. Aha! Welcome to my world of grays!

    That blend sounds amazing, would love to try it one day and get thoroughly psychoanalyzed by you! :D

  6. That sounds gorgeous Su, you are getting much better by the sounds of it here, you have the ratio's all down pat, hey give or take a bit here in there, that's what it's all about hey, I am sure some of the greatest scents of all time were just flukes, hehe ;) Great read, never mind about those greys darl life can be very stressful with young kids, my two gave me a few of those to date also :)

  7. Angie, you should know that I charge by the second :D

    Mel, absolutely, I blame it on stress :(