Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vanilla Challenge!

Today, I realised a few things, as I was organising my makeup and finding a place for my perfume samples while singing along to the 60's 70's and 80's Bollywood songs and felling absolutely blissful! Many of my thoughts and revelations were perfume related.

One, I don't have that many perfumes after all, at least not enough to satisfy me! 
Two, vanilla dominates my perfume wardrobe, not much of a surprise as I am a gourmand girl through and through. 
Three, I found a bunch of samples that I hadn't even tried once! 

So I am thinking of taking a challenge, to try one perfume with dominant vanilla note a day, come back and report here. I think I can easily stretch my scents to a 2 week challenge, starting from tomorrow! Wish me luck everyone!


  1. ooooh fun!! I love Vanilla, so I'll be watching intently

  2. I love vanilla too, definitely one of the best fragrances around, and certainly the one I always look for in a perfume :)