Monday, August 16, 2010

Versace Versus: Review

This new fragrance from the house of Versace has been on my radar since the past month or so. While reading about this perfume, I found out that though it shares the name of a long gone, 1991 fragrance, Versus Donna, it is a brand new concoction. Even after occasionally sniffing it at Myers, I wasn't too sure what to think of it. Today I received a sample from The Perfumed Court and I am so glad I did as I can really get a feel of the fragrance.
Official notes
Top: Amalfi Lemon, Kumquat, Star Apple
Middle: Amalfi Orange Blossom, Tincture of Rose, Stephanotis
Base: Musk, Patchouli, Amberette

First sniff: fresh, zesty, energetic, effervescent, crisp citrus note with a tinge of sourness and bitterness to it. It is definitely not "me", not something I would love. If I had smelt it blindly, I would have bet my bottom dollar that it is a men's cologne. I am relieved that this freshness does not last long on my skin, it develops to unveil sweetness of fruit, maybe its the apple and some florals, maybe its the rose combined with something soapy and musky. I think the element of connection is missing between the opening and the rest of the notes in the perfume. Given the name, it maybe deliberate!

Versus supposedly combines contrasting characteristics in the game of opposites, from romantic to aggressive, from punk to melodious, from tough to feminine. I totally get the contradiction in Versus, to me it is
men's cologne VS women's perfume,
fresh VS floral fruity,
citrus VS me!
The design of the bottle is simple but not so appealing to me. I can't see myself wearing it even though I wear Versace Eau Fraiche with love. For someone who loves fresh fragrances, it is perfect. I am sure that it will be a hit for the coming months of spring/summer.

You can get a sample and enter the contest at the Website. I am not too comfortable with getting freebies for vouchers, if anyone is, it is a great way to try it out!


  1. This was the one with a sample offer on BH I think, I didn't apply although you make it sound pretty good darl, I must admit I like to try something different gotta love samples hope the offer is still available :)

  2. I have seen this everywhere, the bottle and the cover are very uninspiring, so haven't had a sniff!

  3. Mel, I just included the website to get the voucher for a free sample but I know it is hard for you to make it to the store!

    Angie, I agree, the bottle is dull, so is the cover :)

  4. Thanks Su, unfortunately there are no stores within reach of this small country town, so vouchers are not something I normally bother with. Thanks anyway I might wait until I head to Sydney next week for work (if I have time, lol) otherwise it won't be until my next business trip to Brissy, which should hopefully be later this year. I plan to raid one of those perfume places and stock up on samples :)

  5. Good luck with your Sydney trip Mel and I hope you have time to shop and bag some samples!