Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weird Smells I Love

No gagging guys, not referring to Secretions Magnifiques or perfumes like that. And no, I am not a glue sniffer or a solvent junkie or abuser of any kind! Just some smells around me that I love, drawn to, addicted to. Some may hate them or  may just find me weird or some may even share my likes. Here goes my list.

I Love The Smell Of Vicks. I may have been born with an addiction to Menthol and anything with a counter irritant effect. As a baby sleeping in my crib, it seems that I had eaten up a whole bottle of Vicks! The affinity still persists for the rub, inhaler, cough drops, Vicks  in all forms! A panacea for my senses, with or without a cold. The touch of it is soothing on the skin with strange combination of warmth and chill. The fumes tickle my  nasal mucosa in a fuzzy way, the inhaler enhances it for me!  I just placed a bottle under my nose as I am typing. A deep breath... oh what a relief, so satisfying!
Oh those rubs for sore muscles like Badger Balm, Goanna and Migrastick.... what a bliss!
Amruthanjan, is an Indian product similar to Vicks but it smells different, it is more citrusy and spicy with the same menthol, camphor and eucalyptus. I should pick up a bottle next time I am at Indian grocers.
The stronger versions like the ones you find in Asian stores: Tiger Balm, Dragon Balm and the like. These have a punch to them, they are really spicy with loads of cloves and cinnamon and lots and lots of counter irritation, strong enough to literally cauterise the mucus and the muscles! Love them all!

I Love The Smell Of Carbolic Acid Soaps,  aka the disinfectant soaps.  I associate the word sterile with it, not just clean but sterile. Washing my hands to clean myself after a playing in sand as a kid with Lifebuoy was really purifying! I also remember occasionally using it for a shower or bath. Then as a med student, scrubbing my hands with it, this along with surgical spirit and povidone iodine. The smell of Lifebuoy's antiseptic relative, Dettol, and Phenol, its disinfectant relative, so clean, bring on the hygiene!

Like most people,  I love the smell of
the first drops of rain on hot, dusty road
fresh, clean laundry
burning wood
just blown out candle
new books
new electronics
fire crackers
rusted coins
....... And the smell of my Baby Elephant, my dear little boy!


  1. I'm trying to think of weird things I like the smell of, but I can only think of things I HATE the smell of, lol. (Tomato sauce and bananas, in case you were wondering.)

    I don't really like Vicks but it's sort of a comforting smell - it reminds me of childhood.

  2. Tomato sauce and bananas, gosh, if anybody ever likes that, we have a winner of weird smells =D

  3. I love the smell of Tiger Balm and Deep Heat too!! I also admit to sometimes likeing the smell of textas (in small doses), Scotch and Cognac, herbs (like rosemary, basil etc) and grass as well as burning or smoking wood.

  4. Yes Stephanie, those balms are so addictive! Oh yes, the herbs, love them all :) But not textas I'm afraid :D

  5. My favourite weird smell is definitely Dettol, love the clean hygienic smell of it, love the soap and hand wash too :)

  6. I am due for a baby shortly. But my whole pregnancy I have been addicted to the smell of pine o clean. Cleaning agent used for mopping floors or wiping benches. And goanna rub! To the point where it has to burn my nose and throat or I dont feel satisfied from it! I have asked my doctors if this was safe cos i feel like a freak haha. But reassured me it was all good and not as uncommon as i think :p

  7. Thanks for sharing Anonymous :) Wow, how weird, eh?! You must be a very sensory person, needing strong stimulation :) Blame it on hormones and enjoy it while you can!

    Good luck with the pregnancy and delivery, soon you'll be addicted to the smell of your new baby :)

  8. I recently noticed my weird addiction to certain smells...mine are ink toner, rubbing alcohol, new books/magazines, and carbon copied paper...I feel like it's not normal and there is something psychologically wrong with me...I actually started craving these smells :(