Monday, September 6, 2010

Aquolina Chocolovers

Chocolate is such a delight for all senses. I am so crazed about the idea of smelling chocolate on myself, more than actually eating it, as the olfactory pleasure of chocolate is more memorable, indulgent and gratifying than the momentary pleasure of its gustatory experience.

Aquolina Chocolovers does just that for me, pure indulgence, the picture says it all! It is like playing naughty sensory games with chocolate, which I have not done in real life!
Imagine a bowl of warm melted chocolate, so rich and creamy, mixed with orange liqueur and toasted hazelnuts, imagine dipping your fingers in, taking a deep whiff and licking it, that is Aquolina Chocolovers for you, the sight, smell, touch and taste of chocolate! The chocolate is sweet and mixed with slightly burnt caramel, just so delightful, with juicy orange. Overall it is not a sickly sweet perfume, just warm, comforting and delicious! I have the EDT form of this perfume, it is long lasting on me, but the chocolate becomes less intense leaving behind an orangey vanilla, mixed with light florals, making it more wearable as a perfume.
I got a 50ml bottle from FargranceX website for about $30 AUD, quite a bargain, but it took a really long time (a month and a half) to get here!

This perfume reminds me of a few others I have tried, one is Comptoir Sud Pacifique: Amour de Cacao. Amour de Cacao has the same orangey cocoa in it with more vanilla than chocolate, it is more like orange cake! But Chocolovers is sweeter and more satisfying chocolate wise.

Another scent Chocolovers reminds me of is Natali by The Morbid The Merrier, which was sent to me with a lot of love by Dee. Her description is spot on, just add a generous dollop of Nutella to make Natali more chocolate-y and to give that hazelnut taste to it and you have Aquolina Chocolovers!


  1. Oh, now you've made me hungry. Lolol. This sounds gorgeous - I've never heard of it before. I shall have to see if it's on TPC and add it to my endless wishlist!

  2. LOL Dee, Aquolina is huge in US, Pink Sugar is next on my list. I can decant some Chocolovers for you :)

  3. Chocolovers sounds delicious, I love the orange-chocolate combo. Such a shame they went with such a silly name and bottle!

  4. LOL Stephanie, I do agree, it is a bit silly :)

  5. I have Pink Sugar, it is a fun perfume. After this delish description of Chocolovers, I gotta try!

  6. Wow you make it sound good even to me who wouldn't normally go near anything orange with a 10 ft pole, lol, orange is a scent that I always associate with cracking headaches, however you have me really intrigued with this one and will always be wondering what it smells like, lol. Thanks to you though, I do have a picture of it etched in my head, or maybe up my nose, LOL ;)

  7. I would love to try Pink Sugar Angie :)
    Mel, I have some not so nice memories of artificial orange flavour, fragrance myself... you'd not want to know!