Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ayala Moriel: Film Noir and Black Licorice

I have been fantasising about trying Ayala Moriel perfumes for a long time. Finally I have 6 samples in my hand and I'm absolutely impressed by each and every one of them.

Ayala Moriel is a Canada based natural perfumery that uses 100% natural ingredients. The perfumes are so beautifully crafted that you can see the passion in them. Ayala Sender, the lovely lady is the nose behind the perfumes and the founder of the perfumery. They have about 55 different perfumes and come in various forms, oils, extrait, body care, candles, tea, truffles, candles and fantastic jewellery like perfume pendants and poison rings!
Given the high quality ingredients the perfumes are a little expensive, way out of my range but love the elegant flask like bottles! The samples are within my reach. The individual samples retail for $12 a ml. I got 6 samples in pure parfum form for $48 USD including shipping. They come in 1 ml tiny dram vials, so cute!

Today I tested two of them, Film Noir and Black Licorice. Here are my thoughts

Film Noir: Inspired by the film noir era of cinema, it is deep, dark and a wonderful scent. It is described as "Topless, Heartless, only with the darkest base notes of benzoin, cocoa absolute, patchouli and myrrh"

It has the darkest of the dark chocolate, very bitter. Made deeper by earthyness of Patchouli and Myrrh. On me it is very musty and dense, the dark chocolate turns a bit into cognac adding to the bitterness. Patchouli is present throughout and hangs around till the end. It turns into something medicinal but wearable. It is classed as gourmand scent but I think it is too dark for gourmand. The whole thing is dark, deep, old just like Film Noir. I really like it.

Black Licorice:  It is a seasonal Halloween scent from Ayala Moriel, the version of dark sticky candy.
Upon opening the bottle, a faint smell of anise hits my nose. Wow, it gets stronger and stronger. Spicy yet sweet with a hint of rose and honey. It does smell like liquorice.

In India, we have a spiced beetle leaf preparation called Paan. I can't stand the traditional one with lime ( not the fruit, calcium carbonate!!) and arecanut. In fact I hate it. But love a good Paan when it is spiced with fennel, rose petals and sugar, of course, un-spiked with tobacco! Black Licorice smells exactly like that Paan, the Paan I love! I never thought I would discover the smell of Paan in a perfume, well, I am impressed!


  1. Wow they sound lovely! Checking out the website now

  2. Om nom nom. They sound delicious!

  3. I'm sure you'll find something you like Stefanie.

    Dee, yes they are delish :)

  4. These sound so sexy, I love chocolate scents and licorice <3

  5. Oh wow, these dont sound like my cup of tea, however that is what intrigues me about fragrances, something that doesn't sound too flash to me could end up being something I might actually really like. The good thing about samples is exactly that, to branch out and go for something you wouldn't normally buy and I would surely have to test drive one of these before deciding to purchase for myself. Great reviews Su :)

  6. Jade, chockie is always good!

    Mel, what you are saying are bad things about samples not good things:) It is so painful not to buy something you end up loving :D