Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flourish Perfume Oils: Review

I just can't get over how gorgeous these perfume oils are! I am so glad I listened to Stefanie's nose and bought myself some. Thank you Stefanie, they are awesome!

When life gets too complicated with too many things to balance, too many deadlines to meet (5000 word research project in 5 days and talk about it in 10 mins!) I start craving for simpler things in life, like the birds chirping, the sunshine and some simple gorgeous perfumes. I can tell you that every one of the Flourish Bath and Body perfume oils are satisfying and has really calmed my nerves down.

Almond Milk: Milk and almond, what's not to like?! But this is to ADORE. Just beautiful, very simple and sweet. It is not a try hard perfume, it is effortlessly wonderful. The combination of almond, milk and tiny hint of sweetness is very heart warming and tender. I am slathering it on like crazy since the last two days and my full size bottle is half over! It is very addictive!

Moroccan Fig: Green, fresh and spicy. The figs are raw, more of fig leaves than the actual fruit. It is a a great summer scent. The staying power is great! I got a full size of this one too.

Vanilla Amber: Another simple beauty. A lovely vanilla scent, amber makes it warmer and interesting. A cozy scent that is perfectly delicious and very enjoyable. I got a sample of this, goes right to my full bottle list!

Honey: It is a little more complicated than the others, it is a honeyed sandalwood which is slightly spiced and sweet. I love this take on honey, very delicious and very sensual. It is just so beautiful.

Brown Sugar: With sugar fragrances, I expect them to flavoured, but this isn't flavoured with anything, it is like sniffing from a pack of brown sugar at first. Later, some coconut starts to come through making it a dessert-like and sweet with a hint of woody-ness. Very mild but nice.


  1. Honey sounds amazing must put it on my list of ones to try :)

  2. Oh man, that Almond Milk. Om nom nom nom.

  3. Honey is a good one Jade, I'm sure you'll like it!

    Dee, only if I could eat it... :)

  4. Glad you enjoyed them!!

  5. Su these sound so tasty, lol. I would be more than happy with any of those going on the descriptions you have given, mmm, I am discovering a whole new array of scents that I wouldn't have ever considered until reading your thoughts on them, cheers darl :)

  6. They are really lovely Stef, thanks :)

    Mel, I bet you will love these, so worth a try and they don't cost a fortune either!