Saturday, September 11, 2010

German Expressionist Horror: BPAL

I got 7 bottles (3 full and 4 partials) of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils from eBay yesterday! Woo hoo, so many to sniff! One of them is German Expressionist Horror. It is from Dark Delicacies collection called Summer Blockbuster 2009. The collection is based on genres of cinema ranging from B-Horror (low budget, cheap, inartistic horror films), Splatter Comedy (blood thirsty, gory, a bit of mockery, like the series of Chainsaw massacres) to J-Horror (supernatural, tense, chilling Japanese movies, like The Grudge) and few other genres.

German Expressionist Horror
"Highly stylised, stark and filled with dark symbolism, these films employed bizarre, striking geometry and mise en scene to convey mood and tell their tale"
Examples: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu, M, Der Golem"

Casket dust, black musk and khus, black pine needle, patchouli, myrrh and black pepper

At first it smells of strong, unmissable and heady pine along with patchouli and myrrh. It is indeed a dark, dusty and dry scent. There is something disturbing about it. I think the pine makes it a little overbearing and masculine. As it settles on my skin, the pine is still prominent, but the myrrh and the black pepper emerge making it darker and deeper. Well after 1 hour, headiness is surprisingly subdued, the pine disappears and the beautiful musk and amber come out still retaining the sharpness of pepper. I love it at this stage, I wish the shift from the stronger side to its pleasant side was quicker.

I have not watched any of the German Expressionist Horror films, but I can get the symbolism of silently disturbing, dark nature. Technically may or may not be the kind of expressionism but it reminds me of Stanley Kubrick's movies like The Clockwork Orange which have strange backgrounds, lighting and colour that give me a freaky, chaotic feeling, so unsettling and disturbing. Something so compelling that you can't stop watching the horror and wish to unsee them.


  1. Well, I've seen Nosferatu and it freaked me right out!

  2. I got to watch it Dee, I just found the full movie on You Tube!

  3. This sounds amazing, something about crazy weird dark scents really gets me :)

  4. Jadegrrrl, If you are into dark scents, BPAL is definitely worth looking into :)

  5. Sounds like a really unique and interesting scent, I love the inspiration behind BPAL fragrances!

  6. This is very unique for someone like me, wow I would never have guessed there is fragrances based on horrors, LOL. Learn something new everyday. Once again though I enjoyed reading your description of it, very involved and I am amazed at how clever you are at this sort of thing :)

  7. Lol Mel, clever eh?!
    Yeah, like Stef says, BPAL is very imaginative and creative. I just love some fragrances just for the name and inspiration :)

  8. Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari I remember watching those in film history class. They really are shadowy and unsettling. I also remember the other German Expressionist's work of Metropolis (but of the Science Fiction genre) and the Russian Kuleshov Editing in Battleship Potemkin (a historical propaganda movie). I would love to see them portrayed in fragrance form too! :D