Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday My Dear Husband!

Today is my sweetheart's birthday! Happy birthday! All he wants for his birthday is a lots and lots of love, but then, I wanted to spoil him with a great gift, as always. He is not a difficult person to buy gifts for. I know exactly what he wants, an antique Rolex or an Omega Constellation watch or Mont Blanc pen or a geeky tech toy to play with! I can't spoil him so much right now and I am not so good at the watch, pen or tech department. Last week, I almost bought an Elgin 1900's pocket watch for him, thankfully I consulted him before buying and he vehemently refused after just one look at it! His birthday is around Father's Day (first sunday of September)  so I have heaps of gift ideas and great discounts. This year I decided to go with perfume.

My husband wears perfume/cologne/deodorant, basically whatever is within his reach on the bathroom sink, on a daily basis. He has the same reaction to every perfume he tries "It smells like spirit" Well yeah, it is just spirit after all! He has no patience to sniff it after a while and see how it changes on his skin, he does not find that fun!! Another concept he has about perfumes is "One should wear perfume but no one should ever detect it, including oneself"

Over the years, he has liked many perfumes, currently stuck on CK One, successfully bypassing Versace Eau Fraiche. Since he is a man of fresh perfumes, I thought I'd take a chance and let him try something that he usually wouldn't. I bought him Aramis perfume set from David Jones which came with EDT, an after shave balm, a stick deodorant and a huge faux leather bag, all of which he can use. And what a classic perfume Aramis is!

When I smelt it from the paper strip, first thing that came to my mind was "leather". It is a heavy, masculine and very gentlemanly. It is begins off with the cleanness and freshness of bergamot which turns into an aromatic freshness of artemisia, with the depth of myrrh and a punch of spices. The leather in it is massive and present throughout, the most animalic I have ever smelt! It settles down well, still maintaining all the spiciness and depth but the vetiver stands out, making it more aromatic and strong.
On hubby, it smells great! It blends into his skin well and it really brings out his rough, brutal side, which contrasts his easy going, unruffled personality but definitely matches his taste in finer things. He did love it, he wore it to work and I could smell it with some intensity when he came back home.
I tried a teeny bit on my wrist and it was quite overwhelming on me. It is a true masculine scent that is fit for a man with character. I'm just happy that he had a perfectly great smelling birthday today!


  1. Aww that's lovely, happy birthday to your man! I always try to get my bf to wear colognes, he has a box full of them (mostly bought by me) but never reaches for makes me sad :(

  2. Thank you for the wishes Stefanie!
    Awww I know... men just don't get it :)

  3. Belated birthday wishes to your husband! My dad used to wear Aramis, it is such a classic and so much more substantial than all the fresh men;s sprays around!

  4. Thanks Angie, That is exactly what I was thought, some classics never go out of style :)

  5. I love Aramis, my step dad wears it. It's a very masculine scent yet sophisticated, adore :)

  6. Aww Su that was a really heart warming story, I loved reading it, so enjoyable and I would have not thought reading about a man's fragrance would interest me at all, but with your style and your way with words you made me feel like you were talking straight to me about it, Well done, and so glad that hubby enjoyed it :)

  7. Jade, yes, it is sophisticated :)
    Mel, thanks :) Yes he still loves it!