Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Perfume Tag

Lovely Stefanie from The Girl With The Curious Nose started a "perfume Tag"! It is fun Stefanie, I enjoyed answering the question! So here goes my answers..

1. The fragrance you have most memories attached to?

I highly doubt if anyone knows this perfume, the first ever perfume that admired is Intimate (by Revlon/Jean Phillipe I think?) My dad bought a bottle for my mum in 1980's, I was so fascinated by it! I was only allowed to see it, only touched under supervision, (when I was 6!) It may have been spritzed on me only a few times, but I remember the smell, it was strong but addictive to my young nose!

The second perfume that I have most memories attached to is Mont Blanc Presence d'une Femme. It is the perfume that I used when I first went to UK, brand new country, brand new man, brand new house, so much freedom, romance, the future looked spectacular... ahh... Perfume is just beautiful, so fresh, peppery to begin with and has the most beautiful orchid, with a warm vanilla-y dry down. Very well balanced, it is very "me"!

2. Your most liked perfume bottle?
Tastefully grand: I love it when fine jewellery makers design perfume bottles! Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie, with a little fairy sitting on a branch and how beautiful is the watch! I have no idea what it smells like!

Tastefully simple: Annick Goutal ones: 
3. Which Perfume you wish was still produced or available?

Another less heard of one Silver Cape (by Prestige?) Can't find it anywhere....

4. Favourite perfume advertising campaign?

Recently Blue d Chanel, the guy is yumm!
How about this, if you can call it an ad or review?!
5. Best perfume related discovery:
The whole world of perfume oils, Etsy, BPAL, so many, thanks to my online friends Dee and 

5. Best perfume related discovery?
Introduction to Etsy, BPAL, so many perfume oils, thanks to my online friends!
The Perfumed Court, I love that place!

6. Perfume that you expected to love but didn't?
Eternity Moment by CK, I love Eternity and based on which I bought a full bottle of Eternity Moment... way too floral for me!
The other way round is Chanel NÂș5, I thought I would hate it, but love it so much!

7. The Perfume you'd give your left arm for?
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

8. Top 5 notes


9. Perfume you wish would die a horrible death?
Oh no, I could never wish that upon any perfume!

10. Next perfumes on the "to buy" list?

I would love to try these:
Vanilia by L'Artisan Parfumeur
Aftelier Tango
Ayala Moriel anything
Spiritueuse Double Vanilla by Geurlain
Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle


  1. Wow, great quiz!

    OMGeee! That youtube vid a crazy!!! Can't believe how loud she is!

  2. great answers - glad you joined in!! The Faerie bottle is pretty amazing

  3. Loved this Su, Quizzes are always heaps of fun :)

  4. Crazy right Angie :)

    Stefanie, my pleasure :)

    Quizzes are absolute fun Mel :)

  5. Ah Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille...it is beautiful!

  6. Hi Tea, Tobacco Vanille is awesome isn't it?! :)