Monday, September 13, 2010

Some chocolate scents from Possets

Yet again, I'm in the chocolate state of mind. To satisfy my craving, today I sat down to test and compare a few perfume oils from Possets. There are quite a few that are chocolate based scents from Possets but I have to confess that they are mostly similar, so they are either chocolate on chocolate or chocolate on florals! They leak a lot too and the mixture of all the smells put together makes them more similar and confusing!
But the service is fantastic, Fabienne is very generous with samples. They are really fun foodie scents and if you are looking for something different and lighthearted, they are great scents to try. If you are a gourmand fan, you'd be in heaven!

Id: This is the part of psychiatric trio of Id, Ego and SuperEgo, with aptly placed picture of Sigmund Freud on the vials. Very smooth chocolate at the beginning, creamy at first, then turns into something floral on the dry down. It is quite wearable.

Ego: The chocolate is dark and a bit complex with sugar and lavender, not too keen on lavender note in general and mixed with chocolate, it is bit weird. Definitely unisex, but not for me. I haven't tried SuperEgo of the psychiatric trio yet.

Fluoxetine: The antidepressant is full of sugar, something like candy floss, very sweet with a touch of spice to my nose. It is quite heavy to wear but very joyous to sniff!

Giddy: Chocolate, sugar and cream, unfortunately, the cream turns sour on me.

Glee: Chocolate and sandalwood touch of amber. It is rich but very pretty.

Guffaw: Soft milky chocolate with hot spice, can't put my finger on what the spice is but it smells dusty and pale. It is the least foody of all.

Passion: A supersaturated chocolate solution of chocolated chocolate with a smooth chocolate interior and a chocolate shell covered in chocolate sauce floating in a puddle of chocolate.....Should I say more?!

Full bottles? I'd go for Id, Glee and Passion, maybe. Like always, I blame Dear Dee for my addiction!


  1. I'm chocolated out - I never thought that would happen!

  2. They do all kind of smell the same to me too!! I thought I was going crazy haha

  3. LOL @ both of you!
    Dee, It will take a really long time for me to be chocolated out I think!

    Stefanie, no, you're not going crazy! I think it is the same note (?) in every perfume that is characteristic to Possets....

  4. Do try them Jade, love to hear your thoughts :)

  5. Giddy sounded DIVINE until you mentioned it went sour, lol, I think I would trust you on your top two the Passion and Glee sound pretty moreish to me ;)