Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stacked Style: Carnival Crush Perfume Oil

I got my hands on this perfume oil from eBay. Stacked Style is a US brand that I had not even heard of before. They make fun and luxurious perfume oils aimed at an age group slightly younger than me, but I think I can take the interpretation of fun, fruity, floral, fashion into perfumes at my tender age :) The little perfume vials or Scentarettes as they are called are stacked in a pack of four in a matchbox-like packaging, cool! The twenty set comes in a trendy cigarette box!

Carnival Crush is a fresh fruity perfume from the Stacked Style range. It has a cocktail of fruits like fresh green apple, peaches and delightfully mixed with roses and jasmine.
Looking for a twist? There is it, the fresh cut grass which I smell through out. I think it changes the whole fruity thing into something fresh, herbal and raw, making the concoction a summery fresh scent.

It is a pleasurable scent but I'm a little disappointed with how long it lasts (or should I say how short lived it is) especially given that it is a perfume oil. It probably needs warmer weather to bring it out.


  1. Interesting, I'm a sucker for herbal grassy scents :)

  2. Jade, you'd love this one :)

  3. They look cute! Maybe if the weather improves (gets warmer!)you can really measure how long the fragrance lingers whilst wearing...hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised!

  4. Cute packaging! I like the idea of the cut grass scent

  5. Damn they sound great, I love fruity, yeah bring it on, however it is disappointing to hear they lack staying power :(

  6. Melbournite, I hope it improves staying power wise :)

    Stefanie, I am not too keen on 'green' fragrances but fresh cut grass smells really nice. I think Demeter have a perfume like that :)

    Mel, me too, love fruity ones :)