Thursday, September 23, 2010

Viva La Juicy: How will you wear it?!

I adore Viva La Juicy. Such a pretty, young, floral fruity perfume, especially I love the creamy, coconut-y dry down takes me to a holiday island! What about the bottle? Pretty? May be a little too pretty for my taste. I think it is overdone with a bright pink bow and the gold, not to mention the huge crystal stopper, makes it look a little tacky. Not as blighted as the Couture Couture, but still!

Yesterday, I did a bit of dissection on the bottle, separated all the appendages!
The bottle by itself is no unique, it is the signature style of Juicy Couture fragrances including Dirty English! The huge stopper still looks a little unclassy even when toned down.

Individually they make great jewellery! I have been eyeing off the Juicy Couture Jewellery, I love some of them like the flower hoop earrings. These appendages of the perfume bottle are just as cute! The crowned J with the golden safety pin is something that I would buy right away if I saw it somewhere. The little chain with "couture" written on it looks like the Carrie Necklace! They both make great pendants worn together or separately on my gold chain-necklace that wear everyday.  Oh, please excuse the lateral inversion of couture! 

The pink satin bow looks nice. Makes a cute hair accessory, a tad too big and bright though! 

So, do they make good accessories?


  1. So good to see you Su! You are gorgeous :)
    Those accessories look so good! Gold totally suits your skin tone, just beautiful! xoxo

  2. Wow they look so cute! I actually love the Juicy jewelery, I have a tiny pave heart pendent that I wear all the time.
    So nice to see a pic of your pretty face :)

  3. Thanks Stefanie :) They do make gorgeous jewellery!

  4. Oh you clever little minx, I love my Juicy Couture but am not nearly as creative and artistic as you, I wouldn't have even thought to dissect my bottle, great to know I have some cute new accessories next time I feel the need though, lol. I will however pass on that bow, haha.

  5. LOL Mel, I thought the BRIGHT PINK BOW was your thing ;)