Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloween Perfume Oils
The 'weenies are here! Thanks Dee and Louise for all the trouble you took organising the order, following it up, packing it so well and sending the lovelies my way! Much appreciated :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Holiday Perfumes

Don't you hate it when people can't stop bragging about how great their holiday was, for days even months after they come back?! Oh and saying hi in the local language to everyone at work, arrggh! I am back from a 4 day mini-holiday to Kangaroo Island. I promise to make this post just about the perfumes that I wore during my holiday, no talking endlessly about how I enjoyed the sun and sand, no showing off the tan I got! So, these are what I wore, the EA Mediterranean is a miniature and the rest are 1ml decants that I carried in my makeup bag.

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean
Amazing floral scent, definitely captures warm breeze, blue skies and beach! It is bright and effervescent to begin with and then morphs into magical florals and woody musk. It is really light for a floral and long lasting too. The oval shaped aqua coloured bottle with a silver cap is very feminine and classy. It really suited the holiday mood and went very well with the balmy weather.

I have a miniature of this that costs around $6, I bought it for nothing from Priceline with the Club Card discounts and the vouchers!

Laurence Dumont: Vanilla Manoi
This is from the Traveler's Diary collection. I took a tiny little decant with me as it sounded just perfect! Very Feminine, beachy, summery scent, oh so pleasing to all senses! It is a floral-vanilla, if there is a class of perfumes like that. The Monoi from the tiare flowers is deligtful in this perfume. It smells coconutty, fresh and warm. It does take you to a tropical island in just a sniff!

Possets: Scent of Angels
Very beautiful perfume, smells like cake and almonds to me with a hint of florals and musk to make it light and wonderful! It instantly warmed me up when it was wet and cold on the last day of our trip.

BPAL: Snake Oil
I decanted some into a vial to wear for the night. We did not go to any fancy restaurants for dinner but even pizza tasted so good while wearing Snake Oil with a carefree mind! I am so in love with this that I want to wear it everyday and to all places, just can't get enough!

Finally some pictures to share. The warm sun, clear skies, turquoise waters, white sand......

Victor Harbour

Emu Bay

Far, far away from the mainland

Friday, October 22, 2010

BPAL BOO 'weenie '09/10

This is an amazing, amazing scent! I knew that I was missing something special when I skipped this scent in the group order of BPAL 'weenies with Dee. I am so glad I bought Boo '09 on eBay, a great deal of $20 all up from a fantastic seller who included some nice tea bags with the bottle :) nice!

Boo: Eerie billows of spun sugar, fluttering white cotton, and sheets of cream
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab limited edition halloween perfume oil 2009, relaunched for 2010 Halloween.

To me, Boo is pure pleasure, LOVE! A very pleasant and soft scent that is sweet and comforting. It is sugary when sniffed right out of the bottle. On my skin, the sugariness comes with a smoky, incense-y note, maybe that is the referred eerieness! Then comes the clean, white linen which adds a lightness to the sugar making it softer and not at all syrupy. There is cream in it, not a heavy, buttery one, but whipped cream, light and fluffy. The dry down is just heavenly, vanilla scented, sweet, velvety soft, milky cream!

I'd happily wear this yummy scent any day, to lift my mood, for much needed comfort and to satisfy my candy cravings!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nose Block!

I'm suffering from a nose block, a metaphorical one. It is not a nasty cold, nor the spring pollen in the air. For reasons unknown, I have gone anosmic. I can't smell! A few days ago, I was getting ready to go out with my man and decided to wear Badgely Mischka, how I love it! I usually spritz around 3 or 4 times and for a potent perfume like this, it should be fine. But that day, my anosmic nose could not sense anything and just get a proper whiff of it on myself I sprayed it around 7 to 8 times. All satisfied and happy, I sat in the car and hubby choked on the dense cloud of Badgley Mischka. The car windows immediately went down and he asked me "What the hell is that mixture of the decomposing fruits and flowers?!" I took it personally as I love Badgley Mischka. Utmost I'd say about this lovely perfume is "fermenting", not "decomposing" I thought it is just him complaining about my perfume. I even thought he would get used to it after a few minutes. But I was wrong. On our little shopping trip, he went away to Borders to read because he could not walk with me!

After months and months of lusting, I bought Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy from eBay. I was so excited, not only it was a good bargain but the perfume is a deep woody vanilla one! I couldn't wait to smell it. But when it finally arrived, I can't smell it at all, seriously!

It must be olfactory fatigue to all my perfumes. I am thriving on Impulse body sprays these days. I also noticed that it has been a week since my last post on the blog because I have nothing to write, because I can't smell! I wear perfume just for my own pleasure but I don't want to overwhelm people around me especially at the hospital and enclosed spaces like the library with fumes radiating from me.

How I hate this, I have so many perfumes on their way here:
BPAL: Boo 2009 'weenie that I bought off eBay
BPAL 'weenies 2010: Ghoulish, Pomegranate IV and Pumpkin Latte
Conjure Oils: Mara and Abandoned Morgue from "Devil Made Me Do It" Limited edition
Theirry Mugler: Womanity from eBay
I still have to test so many samples from Aftelier, Ayala Moriel and the Halloween ones from Haus Of Gloi.

I'm sure this has happened to everyone. Any tips to recover my olfaction? I hope there is something else to sniff, like coffee beans that they make you sniff in between testing perfumes at the shops, but that doesn't even work normally for me!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Womanity by Thierry Mugler

I'm back from the city, from a sniffing trip after a long long time. I tested so many perfumes that I'm down with headache! Two things actually stood out today one is that there is a 30% off on all Bond No 9 fragrances at DJs, I smelt so many, realised I couldn't afford it and sadly moved on.

Secondly, I fell in love! With Thierry Mugler Womanity! Wow, I did not expect this to happen. I am not so sure about the perfume's concept of womanity, fig and caviar, go figure! And why would I wear a perfume that smells of fish? I am not even fan of the bottle, it has a head of a woman on it, weird, and the chain....

But the perfume is just mind blowing! It is unexpectedly wonderful, a strange combination of fig wood, figs and salinity. Woody and fresh, sweet and savoury contrasting!

It is a very well made and rounded fragrance. First, the fig hits my nose, it is the fresh, green and woody fig, something like sniffing the fresh twig from the fig tree. Then the juicy fig comes through so beautifully, ripe and tender. The contrast of the caviar note with the fruity woody accord stands out.  I expected fish, but no, it is like sea water, salty and fresh. It reminds me of sand and seashells, has a feel of beach to it! The sweetness, some saltiness and a tiny bit if acidity, blend seamlessly well. It feels like the entire fragrance is suspended in sea water held in a seashell, very unreal! 

Overall it is a modern and stylish fragrance, unique and very wearable. I think it is light enough and fresh enough for summer. It retails for $68 for 30 mls plus 20% members only off at National Pharmacies, which I was so tempted to buy. They even have a GWP at Myer for a bigger bottle. With the dollar doing so good, I might buy it online. TPC, here I come! Maybe I should do something about my headache first!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

SugarBaby: Fragrance De Luxe

I love SugarBaby products. The packaging is gorgeous, fun, girly and has a vintage feel to it. These products are not too expensive and I have found heaps of them in the discount bins at Myers. I have one of those instant tans which washes off and a shimmering body powder with the most gorgeous box and an animal print puff, both of which are good products.

Yesterday I spotted a few fragrances from SugarBaby. I was instantly drawn to them and loved the look of cute roll on perfume bottles in so many different fragrances! These are pretty new I guess or I have somehow missed them till now. Anyway, I had to buy some, just to celebrate the release of the new perfume! They are just $9.95 for 12 ml, how could I go past them without buying?! I got two of these Mimosa and Tuberose. Oh, the lady at the counter threw in a free cosmetics bag from SugarBaby coz she is friends with my baby elephant, cool!

Mimosa: I love mimosa flowers, they have a gorgeous powdery floral scent that is full of nectar. I have a lot of childhood memories attached to this flower. This perfume is a single note of mimosa, not as deep as the real flower but equally pretty. After the initial alcohol evaporates, the gorgeousness of mimosa comes out, stays for 5 minutes and poof! Its gone, into thin air! My skin seems to eat it away! It does not say what the concentration of perfume is on the pack but I think it must be weak.

Tuberose: I love tuberose, a voluptuous white floral scent that is dense but so soft. Being a single note of tuberose scent, this perfume captures exactly the smell of the tuberose. This one seems to stay on my skin for more than five minutes, actually for 15 whole minutes!

Well, I have to say that I am impressed how well these perfumes capture the essence of the perfumes.  There are more in the range like Frangipani, Pomegranate, Pink Grapefruit, Island Flower, Vanilla and Marshmallow. Depending on the staying power, they are great for layering. They are pretty good for the price.

It is rather disappointing staying power wise. I wouldn't rush to buy all of them, will wait for them to reach the bargain bins, which I am guessing will be soon! The glass roll on bottles are cute and are meant to go into the handbag. I am waiting to finish these perfumes so I can fill them up with some of my DIY perfume oils!