Friday, October 22, 2010

BPAL BOO 'weenie '09/10

This is an amazing, amazing scent! I knew that I was missing something special when I skipped this scent in the group order of BPAL 'weenies with Dee. I am so glad I bought Boo '09 on eBay, a great deal of $20 all up from a fantastic seller who included some nice tea bags with the bottle :) nice!

Boo: Eerie billows of spun sugar, fluttering white cotton, and sheets of cream
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab limited edition halloween perfume oil 2009, relaunched for 2010 Halloween.

To me, Boo is pure pleasure, LOVE! A very pleasant and soft scent that is sweet and comforting. It is sugary when sniffed right out of the bottle. On my skin, the sugariness comes with a smoky, incense-y note, maybe that is the referred eerieness! Then comes the clean, white linen which adds a lightness to the sugar making it softer and not at all syrupy. There is cream in it, not a heavy, buttery one, but whipped cream, light and fluffy. The dry down is just heavenly, vanilla scented, sweet, velvety soft, milky cream!

I'd happily wear this yummy scent any day, to lift my mood, for much needed comfort and to satisfy my candy cravings!


  1. Ooooh, now I really can't wait to get mine if our order ever comes!

  2. Lol Dee, I don't think we'll get it for Halloween. We'll be smelling spooky for Christmas :D

  3. ahhh you're making me regret missing out on the group order too!!

  4. ahh this does sound delightful! :)

  5. Oh Stefanie, you can always buy them, but hurry up, lol
    Jade, it is! :)