Saturday, October 30, 2010

Holiday Perfumes

Don't you hate it when people can't stop bragging about how great their holiday was, for days even months after they come back?! Oh and saying hi in the local language to everyone at work, arrggh! I am back from a 4 day mini-holiday to Kangaroo Island. I promise to make this post just about the perfumes that I wore during my holiday, no talking endlessly about how I enjoyed the sun and sand, no showing off the tan I got! So, these are what I wore, the EA Mediterranean is a miniature and the rest are 1ml decants that I carried in my makeup bag.

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean
Amazing floral scent, definitely captures warm breeze, blue skies and beach! It is bright and effervescent to begin with and then morphs into magical florals and woody musk. It is really light for a floral and long lasting too. The oval shaped aqua coloured bottle with a silver cap is very feminine and classy. It really suited the holiday mood and went very well with the balmy weather.

I have a miniature of this that costs around $6, I bought it for nothing from Priceline with the Club Card discounts and the vouchers!

Laurence Dumont: Vanilla Manoi
This is from the Traveler's Diary collection. I took a tiny little decant with me as it sounded just perfect! Very Feminine, beachy, summery scent, oh so pleasing to all senses! It is a floral-vanilla, if there is a class of perfumes like that. The Monoi from the tiare flowers is deligtful in this perfume. It smells coconutty, fresh and warm. It does take you to a tropical island in just a sniff!

Possets: Scent of Angels
Very beautiful perfume, smells like cake and almonds to me with a hint of florals and musk to make it light and wonderful! It instantly warmed me up when it was wet and cold on the last day of our trip.

BPAL: Snake Oil
I decanted some into a vial to wear for the night. We did not go to any fancy restaurants for dinner but even pizza tasted so good while wearing Snake Oil with a carefree mind! I am so in love with this that I want to wear it everyday and to all places, just can't get enough!

Finally some pictures to share. The warm sun, clear skies, turquoise waters, white sand......

Victor Harbour

Emu Bay

Far, far away from the mainland


  1. Sounds like a great holiday! :-D

    Snake Oil is amazing. I can't get enough of it.

  2. Sounds like a very nice holiday! I'm hanging for some time away :)

  3. Lovely, now I want to try this snake oil that you speak of! :)

  4. You will love it Jade, snake oil is just gorgeous!

  5. I am craving for a holiday! Nice pictres and nice perfumes :)