Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nose Block!

I'm suffering from a nose block, a metaphorical one. It is not a nasty cold, nor the spring pollen in the air. For reasons unknown, I have gone anosmic. I can't smell! A few days ago, I was getting ready to go out with my man and decided to wear Badgely Mischka, how I love it! I usually spritz around 3 or 4 times and for a potent perfume like this, it should be fine. But that day, my anosmic nose could not sense anything and just get a proper whiff of it on myself I sprayed it around 7 to 8 times. All satisfied and happy, I sat in the car and hubby choked on the dense cloud of Badgley Mischka. The car windows immediately went down and he asked me "What the hell is that mixture of the decomposing fruits and flowers?!" I took it personally as I love Badgley Mischka. Utmost I'd say about this lovely perfume is "fermenting", not "decomposing" I thought it is just him complaining about my perfume. I even thought he would get used to it after a few minutes. But I was wrong. On our little shopping trip, he went away to Borders to read because he could not walk with me!

After months and months of lusting, I bought Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy from eBay. I was so excited, not only it was a good bargain but the perfume is a deep woody vanilla one! I couldn't wait to smell it. But when it finally arrived, I can't smell it at all, seriously!

It must be olfactory fatigue to all my perfumes. I am thriving on Impulse body sprays these days. I also noticed that it has been a week since my last post on the blog because I have nothing to write, because I can't smell! I wear perfume just for my own pleasure but I don't want to overwhelm people around me especially at the hospital and enclosed spaces like the library with fumes radiating from me.

How I hate this, I have so many perfumes on their way here:
BPAL: Boo 2009 'weenie that I bought off eBay
BPAL 'weenies 2010: Ghoulish, Pomegranate IV and Pumpkin Latte
Conjure Oils: Mara and Abandoned Morgue from "Devil Made Me Do It" Limited edition
Theirry Mugler: Womanity from eBay
I still have to test so many samples from Aftelier, Ayala Moriel and the Halloween ones from Haus Of Gloi.

I'm sure this has happened to everyone. Any tips to recover my olfaction? I hope there is something else to sniff, like coffee beans that they make you sniff in between testing perfumes at the shops, but that doesn't even work normally for me!


  1. Oh No! That's awful :( Maybe you need a complete break from additional fragarances other than the daily deodorant & any moisturisers you currently wear. Give your body & nose a break for a bit?
    I've always suffered from pollen allergies & can't cope with strong scents, so perfumes haven't been my thing for majority of the years & even now I need to be careful of what I wear. It sucks, but eventually after an enforced break of surrounding fragrances, your nose will recover & you can start to experiment again :) Happy days when that happens!

  2. Great tips Melbournite :) I should stop to keep trying to smell and give myself a break! I hope I can smell again sometime soon :D

    I always feel for people with allergies, I can understand how overwhelming some smells can be! xoxo

  3. oh Su that's terrible! Are you able to smell other things around the house like coffee, food etc? I agree with Melbournite I think your nose needs a break. Hopefully you're back to normal soon x

  4. It's the pits when you can't sniff, have a rest and get better soon!!! :)

  5. I figured out what caused my nose block. Season wise we may be moving towards summer but nights here are a little cold. So I wake up with a stuffy nose which I think is the reason for me not smelling. As the day goes on, I can smell all right. After about a week of nose resting I can smell again! Thanks Melbournite, Stefanie and Jade!

  6. Glad to hear your nose is better Su... although it seems I missed all the drama on this one.