Saturday, October 2, 2010

SugarBaby: Fragrance De Luxe

I love SugarBaby products. The packaging is gorgeous, fun, girly and has a vintage feel to it. These products are not too expensive and I have found heaps of them in the discount bins at Myers. I have one of those instant tans which washes off and a shimmering body powder with the most gorgeous box and an animal print puff, both of which are good products.

Yesterday I spotted a few fragrances from SugarBaby. I was instantly drawn to them and loved the look of cute roll on perfume bottles in so many different fragrances! These are pretty new I guess or I have somehow missed them till now. Anyway, I had to buy some, just to celebrate the release of the new perfume! They are just $9.95 for 12 ml, how could I go past them without buying?! I got two of these Mimosa and Tuberose. Oh, the lady at the counter threw in a free cosmetics bag from SugarBaby coz she is friends with my baby elephant, cool!

Mimosa: I love mimosa flowers, they have a gorgeous powdery floral scent that is full of nectar. I have a lot of childhood memories attached to this flower. This perfume is a single note of mimosa, not as deep as the real flower but equally pretty. After the initial alcohol evaporates, the gorgeousness of mimosa comes out, stays for 5 minutes and poof! Its gone, into thin air! My skin seems to eat it away! It does not say what the concentration of perfume is on the pack but I think it must be weak.

Tuberose: I love tuberose, a voluptuous white floral scent that is dense but so soft. Being a single note of tuberose scent, this perfume captures exactly the smell of the tuberose. This one seems to stay on my skin for more than five minutes, actually for 15 whole minutes!

Well, I have to say that I am impressed how well these perfumes capture the essence of the perfumes.  There are more in the range like Frangipani, Pomegranate, Pink Grapefruit, Island Flower, Vanilla and Marshmallow. Depending on the staying power, they are great for layering. They are pretty good for the price.

It is rather disappointing staying power wise. I wouldn't rush to buy all of them, will wait for them to reach the bargain bins, which I am guessing will be soon! The glass roll on bottles are cute and are meant to go into the handbag. I am waiting to finish these perfumes so I can fill them up with some of my DIY perfume oils!


  1. Ooh score I'll have a look at my local tomorrow! :)

  2. Very cute packaging!

  3. That is such a shame about the staying power, but I guess seeing as they are cheap and ideal to cart around it would be ideal to keep applying as needed. Doing that you should empty the bottles in no time, hehe. I like the sounds of Marshmallow and Vanilla (yep boring I know but I adore the Vanilla varieties)