Saturday, October 9, 2010

Womanity by Thierry Mugler

I'm back from the city, from a sniffing trip after a long long time. I tested so many perfumes that I'm down with headache! Two things actually stood out today one is that there is a 30% off on all Bond No 9 fragrances at DJs, I smelt so many, realised I couldn't afford it and sadly moved on.

Secondly, I fell in love! With Thierry Mugler Womanity! Wow, I did not expect this to happen. I am not so sure about the perfume's concept of womanity, fig and caviar, go figure! And why would I wear a perfume that smells of fish? I am not even fan of the bottle, it has a head of a woman on it, weird, and the chain....

But the perfume is just mind blowing! It is unexpectedly wonderful, a strange combination of fig wood, figs and salinity. Woody and fresh, sweet and savoury contrasting!

It is a very well made and rounded fragrance. First, the fig hits my nose, it is the fresh, green and woody fig, something like sniffing the fresh twig from the fig tree. Then the juicy fig comes through so beautifully, ripe and tender. The contrast of the caviar note with the fruity woody accord stands out.  I expected fish, but no, it is like sea water, salty and fresh. It reminds me of sand and seashells, has a feel of beach to it! The sweetness, some saltiness and a tiny bit if acidity, blend seamlessly well. It feels like the entire fragrance is suspended in sea water held in a seashell, very unreal! 

Overall it is a modern and stylish fragrance, unique and very wearable. I think it is light enough and fresh enough for summer. It retails for $68 for 30 mls plus 20% members only off at National Pharmacies, which I was so tempted to buy. They even have a GWP at Myer for a bigger bottle. With the dollar doing so good, I might buy it online. TPC, here I come! Maybe I should do something about my headache first!


  1. The bottle is certainly unique; Thierry Mulger loves to push the boundries of design. An interesting combination of scents! I'll check it out :)

  2. Wow this sounds amazing, especially with Summer coming up, I might try and head to a counter tomorrow and sneak a whiff! :)

  3. Exactly, Stefanie! Mugler pushes it and makes them unique. Angel is such a legend!

    Jade, it is perfect for summer! do try it, love to hear your thoughts :)

  4. I agree, this scent surprised me, and I like it!

  5. Oh, I couldn't resist to buy a bottle of it! It is amazing!

  6. I saw this in Myer today and thought of your review so had to have a sniff, instant love I want the massive bottle so I can douse myself in it everyday of Spring/Summer. It totally reminds me of the beach, I think the saltiness gives it a masculine quality that reminds me of the way my husband smells after a sunny day, not BO but salty lol, I think it would be great on a man too :D

  7. Yay Jade! How lovely! Love your description, it would smell great on a man :)

    Tea, it was a surprise to me also :)

    Angie, you lucky thing! I just bought samples off eBay. Full bottle is on my list!