Friday, November 19, 2010

BPAL, The Morbid The Merrier, Wiggle

About two weeks ago, dear Dee sent me a stash of lovely perfume oils and some wonderful makeup! I am so stoked! The L'Oreal lipstick and the blush totally match my skin tone. I am in love with the blush! All the perfumes smell heavenly! Dee you are such a sweetheart! Thank you Dee :)

These are some lovely perfumes I have tested.
BPAL: Île De La Tortue  This is from the Wanderlust collection. BPAL describes it as: 
Home to the Brethren of the Coast and a notorious safe-haven for pirates, this island was once described as the common place of refuge for all sorts of wickedness, the seminary of pirates and thieves. Damp air trapped in limestone caverns, heady greenery, hothouse orchids, nicotiana blossoms, bois de chandel, elemi, palm wine, garambullo, pega-pega, flame of the forest, and a swirl of Haitian vetiver. 
This is a wonderful scent! A very heady floral, sharp to begin with, subdues into beautiful orchids after sometime. It has a soap-like cleanness and a tinge of green. I smell lime stone and moss, very interesting! I have no idea what the other notes are and what they smell like. I'm trying hard to find the vetiver note because it is my favourite, but my nose can't sense it. Overall, very feminine, dense and lush floral. 

BPAL:  High Strung Daisies  The Garden of Live Flowers from Mad Tea Party, Alice in Wonderland collection.
Daisy, pink carnation, pink pepper, and sugar.
Sugar, sugar and more sugar! Mixed with pretty daisies and carnations, it smells like bubble gum when sniffed directly from the imp. After a while, sugar is gone and my skin is left with just pretty flowers. Light, girly and just lovely! 

The Morbid The Merrier: Ursa
Black carnations, musk, creeping ivy, and a tiny whisper of orange marmalade.
When I smelt it first, I had no idea of the notes. I could have sworn I smelt almonds! Very faint almonds with musk and flowers, can't quite put my finger on the florals. To my surprise, there is no mention of almonds, nevertheless, a very lovely perfume!

Wiggle: Buxom
Soft feminine rose mixed with warm buttery vanilla bourbon! Enough said! It is warm and cozy, yet there is something of a femme fatale about it. The combination of powdery rose and hearty vanilla is opaque, dense and openly sensual!

I have only tested these so far, more reviews of the rest coming up!


  1. Buxom is possibly my favourite of the Wiggles - I've gotten several other people into it too. It's gorgeous. :-)