Friday, November 26, 2010

Conjure Oils Review: The Devil Made Me Do It

I first came across Conjure oils from ScentBase and it really intrigued me. The oils in the online shop don't cease to amaze me. There are the Hoodoo oils which are specific for certain tasks like money drawing/casting a spell/protection, even perfume oils to jinx others! Then to add to the curiosity, there is the Aquarian Apothecary which is a modern take on traditional oils. I was speechless when I saw Asphalta, which is an oil to get parking spaces easily! It is described as: "Revered Goddess of plentiful parking spaces. Anoint this oil to the car, keys or a chunk of asphalt to honor her...." 

I love the imagination behind perfumes. I love it when an idea is romanticised and translated into perfumes. I love it when there is a funny take on the perfumes too. But I get the idea that Conjure Oils really mean it! These oils are supposed to work by magic"k" or "conjure". Hoodoo is the basis of the perfumery and it described as 
"Hoodoo is a African-American magickal system from the US rural South. It is a combination of African spiritual practices, Native American herbology, Jewish mysticism, some Protestant Christian beliefs, some Spiritualism, German Pow-Wow and bits of pagan European folklore."

Magick is a very far fetched concept to my analytical mind. I don't like to think that there is an external influence on my life. I want to think that I'm in charge, taking the pleasure of accomplishment when things go well and the responsibility for my own screw ups. As for perfumes, I love them. I like everything that smells good! It really doesn't matter if they are supposed to do good or bad, I just like the smell! But, if you are into magick, they offer many options, worth a try! If not, the perfume oils are simply superb, worth a try anyways! 

Conjure Oils have fantastic range of perfume oils. They are owned by a lovely lady Vajra who does it all single handedly, hand blends to order. I have to say, she does a fantastic job! The service is quick, communication is great, the postage is reasonable and delivery to Australia is about two weeks which is quick in my book! I bought two of the perfume oils from the limited edition for Halloween, which are still available till 1st week of December. Mara and Succubus from The Devil Made Me Do It.

Devil Made Me Do It: Mara
Mara is the Buddhist personification of Evil. Also known as Papiyan, ("more wicked") Mara (meaning "thirst" or "death") made every attempt possible to deter Siddhartha on his path toward Enlightenment by using armies of temptations such as: lust, hunger, thirst, sloth, cowardice, pride and fame, among others.
Bo tree bark, Indian sandalwood, thousand-petaled sacred lotus blossoms, warmed honey and pure vanilla absolute.

This one is to die for! Slightly woody, mostly sandalwood which is just lovely! The lotus blossom adds a charm to it. Honey is very delectable which becomes boozy mixed with vanilla absolute. It is warm, tender and kind of sexy. Before buying it, I read a review describing it to be similar to BPAL Womb Furie (Snake Oil and three kinds of honey). I had to buy it immediately! I have not smelt Womb Furie, but L-O-V-E Snake Oil! I can sense the similarities but Mara is not as spicy or smoky as Snake Oil but a warm and tender version of it which just divine. 

A demon who takes the form of a gorgeous human female specifically to seduce men. Like the incubus, the succubus may have been a scapegoat for infidelity or stray lust. Either way, the succubus has captured the imagination of men for ages, rousing all flavors of fear and fantasy. 
African violet, sugar soaked vanilla, benzoin, coconut milk, triple cream, Egyptian sandalwood musk and red currant.

Violet is quite prominent, slightly powdery. Then the benzoin takes the centre stage which makes the sweet and creamy vanilla, dark and resinous. It is sultry, sweet and edgy. I really like it, but of the two Mara is the one that is "me"! In fact I am planning on a back up bottle of Mara!
How cute is the Devil in that picture! It is a fridge magnet with Conjure Oils logo and The Devil Made Me Do picture of Baphomet. I am using it as a book mark!

The perfume oils from all limited editions are only available in 5 ml bottles. The general catalogue oils are available as Pips (1ml sample) as well. They are reasonably priced, $17.50 for 5ml and $3.50 for a Pip. The shipping to Australia used to be $5, now upped to $7, free shipping for orders over $100. The bottles come with a reducer cap, which is used in all essential oils bottles, which looks like this. 

They work well till the level of the oil is above the vent tube. Once it is lower than that, it is a little difficult to get the oil out. Conjure Oils also offer cap alternatives, which cost .15c or you can just remove it and use just the screw cap.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the perfume oils that I have tried, I will definitely be ordering more


  1. Fascinating, I love the idea and humour behind these, definitely one I'd like to try :)

  2. OMG, Womb Furie is my faaaaaaavourite BPAL. I think I will have to check out Conjure Oils.

  3. Nice idea! Thank you Su. I'll check that oil.

  4. Hmm what an interesting concept!! I wonder if they have one for getting a raise at work ;) haha

    They both sound delicious, great review :)

  5. Jade, I cracked up when I read Asphalta. I think I'll try it just for that :)
    Dee, I have read your wonderful review on Womb Furie. I'm still on the look out for the LE on eBay.
    ginger, Conjure Oils is definitely worth a look :)
    Stef, thank you. LOL, I am sure there is one for a raise :D

  6. I'm with Stef... that raise sounds good to me. I love the imagination used here. Great review Su :)