Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Blending... Exotic Floral

I finally have the time and the inspiration to start blending again! My inspiration for this blend is Thailand, the blend is an exotic floral. I have never been to Thailand, but I have been craving for Thai food since a few days! Coconut, lemon grass, chillies, yummm! Even more than the food, I love the idea of the exotic place. Thailand, this is the picture that come to my mind....slowly sailing in a boat on lake full of blooming lotuses, bamboo bushes around, smell of coconut in the air, the serenity of Buddhist Temples with flowers and incense burning..... very blissful!

Some details of my concoction:
I used In Essence essential oils, some fragrant oils from New Directions and a batch of pure essential oils that I was sent from India, the brand is called Nirvana.
Composition and ratios:
25% top notes, 20% middle notes and 55% base notes mixed in Sweet Almond oil as the carrier oil in 1:1 ratio.

Top Notes = 14 drops
Bamboo, White Tea and a drop of Coconut

Middle notes = 10 drops
Lotus, Ylang Ylang

Base Notes = 30 drops
Musk, Sandalwood and I couldn't resist putting in a tiniest drop of Frankincense.

It turned out pretty well. It really smells exotic! It is a heavy floral fragrance, given the Lotus and Ylang Ylang but still soft. The bamboo and the White Tea add greenness to it. The Musk and Sandalwood add depth. I was not heavy handed with the Frankincense as it can turn the whole thing into something resinous and something that comes packed in sticks! I think this blend is very wearable and feminine. 
I really need to buy some decanting supplies soon!


  1. Awesome!!! Love that you made your own scent, it sounds lovely :D

  2. hmm that sounds delish!!

  3. Hi Su, you sound like an expert! It sounds very exotic :D It great to express your inspiration to come up with something so creative!

  4. Thanks! All your comments are wanting me to blend more! x