Monday, December 6, 2010

Aftelier Tango

It has been my fantasy to try out Tango from Aftelier Perfumes, the wonderful and unique creation of Mandy Aftel. I had built up an amazing idea of Tango in my mind after reading all the wonderful reviews. It lives up to every bit of my fantasy. Even without the image getting in the way, you'll be left oohing and ahhing when you smell this! At least I am! It has been such a pleasure to sample this. 

Top: wild sweet orange, fresh ginger.
Heart: coffee CO2, champaca.
Base: choya, blond tobacco, tonka.

What a rich floral scent! Champaca is my absolute favourite floral. In this, the note knocks my socks off every time I sniff it. It is deep, intoxicating and simply mind blowing! The orange and ginger are uplifting. I can sense a slightly burnt coffee smell which adds more depth. Choya Nakh is the smell of roasted sea shells in a clay vessel, which, I have to confess, I am not familiar with it. Roasted sea shells, I can sense its smokiness which amplifies the effect of the perfume. 
It is an amazing composition that is romantic, sexy and very feminine. It leaves my skin with a warm and tender yet sexy feeling. This perfume is like a Tango of notes in perfect harmony, very enjoyable!

I tried a sample of Tango in liquid perfume form, 1/4th ml costs $6. The website has various other wonderful perfumes and they offer a whole range of samples. I got the samples in a cute little tin with Aftelier logo on it. The precious liquid is quite expensive, but well worth the money. The silver flask with one ounce of Tango costs $300. Are you listening Santa?! 


  1. Wow it does sound amazing (though I'm embarrassed to say I have noo idea what Champaca smells like) I'll have to bookmark the site for future reference :)

  2. haha, Don't be embarrassed Jade. I grew up with a lot of champaca around. I have no idea how most of 'western' vegetation smells like :)