Thursday, December 16, 2010

Drugstore Perfumes: Jovan Musk

Who hasn't gone past this in the pharmacy?! If you lived in the 80's, whatever age, you must have smelt Jovan Musk on almost everyone. I was a little girl in 80's and I remember many women smelt of Jovan Musk including my mother. There were different forms the Musk original, White Musk, Black Musk, both for men and women. The Musk Oil was also popular around where I lived. I have used Musk for Women as a teen and I remember liking what I smelt!

Jovan Musk is an ubiquitous musk scent. It is not an earth shattering perfume, but nice nonetheless. It is a clean scent, soapy and fresh. It smells of freshly washed skin. Very subtle scent, very likable, nothing too grand. Musk in general has a sexy tag attached to it, but I associate musk with a warm feeling that is close to the skin. It is like a pashmina wrapped around the shoulders, comfortable, velvety and charming, in its own understated way. Jovan Musk, is just that. It is perfect for layering over perfumes that are overtly floral or sweet, for a musk kick. The original Musk for Women reminds me of The Body Shop White Musk, but is more linear than the TBS one.The Jovan White Musk is powdery and floral and similar to TBS White Musk.

The price ranges from $5 to $15 in most pharmacies for the cologne/EDT which comes in the same retro packaging. Chemist Warehouse has some great Christmas packs on sale right now. I am thinking of getting the body spray, just for the sake of nostalgia.


  1. I bought this on a whim a while ago from Chemist Warehouse. I loved it in the 80s, but it was better in my memories. I still wear it now and then for the nostalgia value, though. :-)

  2. I wonder if they changed the formulation Dee. Yes, still a nice one. I'll be buying one soon.

  3. Oh Jovan Musk, the good old thing! I was so bored of it when everyone wore it. I have forgotten how it smells, gotta try it again :-)

  4. Ahh, what a great bunch of memories this brings back. Thanks for reminding me:)