Thursday, December 9, 2010

Drugstore Perfumes: Revlon- Fire & Ice

Drugstore perfumes, the perfumes that you go past in the pharmacy, constantly visible at the corner of your eyes, taunting you to try them. You might have reluctantly sprayed them on your skin. Or not, thinking you may smell too generic or too cheap because they are cheaply priced, something you can buy with spare change. Well, I am going to review some of these drugstore perfumes that I have tried, one drugstore perfume a week. Some of these are fantastic, some are masterpieces and some are plain stinkers! Here goes the first one:


Revlon - Fire & Ice

Osmanthus, Orange Blossom, Davana, Tangerine
Yellow Sunset Orchid, Magnolia, Tuberose, Narcissus
Musk, Spices, Exotic Woods, Amber, Vanilla

What an unassumingly wonderful scent! It is a soft Floriental. Lovely fragrance that is warm, floral and slightly spicy. At first, I get syrup which mellows down into some beautiful florals. I love it at this stage. It is comparable to some higher priced scents when the magnolia and the tuberose are blossoming. The dry down has nice depth with an incensy-spicy quality and very warm with vanilla and amber.
Staying power is just awesome. I recently was packing away my winter clothes and one of my scarfs smelt so nice, it was Revlon Fire & Ice! Sillage is quite nice and I have gotten compliments when wearing it.

This perfume was created for Revlon by Givaudan, the very perfumers who created Black Orchid, White Patchouli and the White Musk Collection for Tom Ford, Badgley Mischka Couture and Elizabeth Arden Pretty to name a few! Surprising? It indeed is, great for a drugstore perfume! The cost ranges from $15 to $30 in most Australian pharmacies. It is worth having a sniff and buying one for your collection.


  1. Oh Su... you are so talking my language... I've loved fire and ice for years. It was my go to night fragrance when going out on the town. Now I am old and married I no longer have that hobby lol. Great series idea, can't wait to read more :)

  2. I'm always scared to even smell the cheap drugstore perfumes so reading your review makes me really curious! It's like a whole new world!

  3. Jac, I have some memories attached to Fire & Ice as well, it is still awesome :)
    Amy, Fire & Ice is so worth a try. Stay tuned for more :)