Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guerlain: Vol de Nuit

Vol de Nuit, Night Flight, a masterpiece by Jacques Guerlain created in 1933. It was named after Antoine Saint Exupery's novel 'Night Flight', a story of love and romance of aviation. I have been reading about the fantastic story that was the inspiration for the fragrance. According to the Guerlain website the story goes: 
Design is based on
a moving
Aircraft Propeller!
"In the dawn of the aero-postal era, a plane takes off from Paris for Buenos Aires. Suddenly, the radio loses contact. A tornado rushes through the cordillera of the Andes.
The pilot has been married for six weeks. But every second takes him a little farther from her, from her voice, from her smile.This perfume is an homage to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, whose celebrated 1931 novel exalted courage, heroism and the fierce will to succeed. As courageous as the book, Vol de Nuit is the perfume of risk and dangerous games.
Brimming with audacity, it is the perfume of the woman who goes for broke." 

I have been trying Vol de Nuit for the past few days and I am really enjoying it! It the Parfum version of which I have a tiny sample. But, I have been liberally spraying myself from the little bottle of Parfum at Myers for the past two days. Loving the privilege, as VdN is quite rare to find, especially the parfum!

I can't really say that this is an expert review as my nose is not that well trained. To be honest, I feel minuscule to review masterpieces such as VdN. Here are just my thoughts....

Vol de Nuit smells old, in a vintage way. It has Guerlain written all over it! It is a powdery and warm scent, also very sexual. VdN begins with a lot of jasmine and some greenness, which do not stay long on me. Soon comes the clean aldehydes and the powdery violets. Very pleasant and very soft. There is a tiny bit of vanilla somewhere there, that gives warmth. The dry down is very animalic, musk is the dirtiest but so sensual! I can most definitely smell leather which makes it edgy. The leather, some spice and soft violet powder linger on for hours!

VdN is a sensual and strong fragrance in a very feminine way. I really like it, admire it and respect it. Vintages are way out of my usual comfort zone, so is VdN, but I love the experience and the fascinating inspirations translated into perfumes.

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  1. I have only heard of VdN, never tried it. Great review!