Sunday, December 5, 2010

L'Occitane: Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume

I got this as a little treat for myself yesterday. I couldn't get over how cute this heart shaped tin of the solid perfume looked! 

It is the wonderful cherry blossom scent, light and lovely, very refreshing, just right for spring and summer. It is a beautiful soft floral. It has the smell of a fresh cherry that is freshly handpicked from the tree with the twig still intact. Slightly powdery, slightly green, slightly sweet. It has an innocent girlish charm about it.

I have tried the Cherry Blossom EDT, as lovely as it is, the staying power on me is poor. The solid perfume is better staying power wise, but sillage wise, it is just a skin scent how much ever generously applied. 

This pretty little tin cost me $19.95 at David Jones. Orange Blossom and Roses 4 Reines also come in the heart shaped tin. It is great to throw in the hand bag for touch ups or just for occasional sniffling!


  1. adorable little tin!! I love their packaging

  2. Yes Stef, adorable! I was sold solely on the cute packaging :)

  3. I got my first solid perfume recently, two in fact, hang on I will go and find out what they are called ;) Ok they are Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier, one is Love & Luck the other is Love Kills Slowly, lol but Love & Luck is so divine, sweet but not too sweet, I just can't stop smelling it, absolutely gorgeous :) Love Kills Slowly is softer but just as enticing, so glad to have the chance to try them out, but will certainly have me wanting more, like your L'Occitane these are in the cutest tins, perfect for the handbag. I am positive that the Cherry Blossom is just as gorgeous, I really like L'Occitane and all their stuff smells good enough to eat, lol.

  4. I have been meaning to try the Ed Hardy ones Mel! I love L'Occitane stuff too. They all smell good, including the skin care :)