Friday, December 31, 2010

Lush, what's all the fuss about?!

I have been trying Lush on and off.  I like the natural, cruelty free concept in an un-franchised shop. I like their body and bath products, they aren't exceptional but quite good. The products are a bit overpriced, which also is fine. But what's with their perfumes?! I have tried many in the past and I have hated most of them. I am very open minded when it comes to perfumes. I hardly ever put down a perfume or a house but I cannot get myself to like Lush Perfumes. These are the perfumes I have had the displeasure of trying:

Flying Fox Temple Balm: I was persuaded to buy it by the sales assistant. She recommended it for PMS, don't what gave me away, maybe my crankiness in their shop with those smells around!
I came home and smelt it properly and gosh! I really can't get over whatever is in it. It smells of synthetic Jasmine, very distinct burnt rubber smell, very revolting.

Vanilliary: So artificially sweet. It is very close to that bad after -taste Saccharine leaves in the mouth.

Lust: Oh my, my nose hurts! Jasmine again, comes out in its full blown synthetic form, only accompanied by a rotten flower note. Positively ghastly!

Orange Blossom: Opens really beautifully with fresh, cheerful orange. I can smell Neroli, not in all its glory, but nice enough. Just when I was about to put all my negative feelings about Lush aside, there came the burnt smell.... Gosh, I had to go to the public toilet and scrub my wrists!

Honey, I Washed The Kids: I have to say, this is nice! I love the bath products in this scent. The perfume has a nice honey- toffee note. Nothing to be worried about this.

I don't think Lush is for me. I know some people don't like Lush because of it 'head shop' smell. But that is not my problem, I love head shop stuff! I think it all comes down to
1.Indolic, synthetic, overbearingly agonising, headache inducing Jasmine which is a combination of rottenness and burnt rubber smell.
2. Saccharine like after taste of the sweet smell, which makes me run a mile away
3. The concept of the natural ingredients is great but it over hyped.
4. Price is not very pocket friendly, especially to land up in headache-ville
5. They are against animal cruelty, all good. But they are hurting my nose and head with their mentally disturbing notes, that should account for some cruelty!

Some people are so positive about Lush. I even hear the words 'divine' 'yumm' and 'heavenly' associated with Lush.  I don't know, I feel like I am the only one. Honestly, I don't like Lush. What's wrong with me?


  1. I have friend who worked for Lush years ago and she hates them - she claims that they are not nearly as natural as they claim to be.

    I'm not a fan at all - I can't stand the goopiness of so much of their stuff, and the shop gives me a headache.

  2. Oh, I'm not the only one then =) You're right, being in the shop gives me a headache for sure!
    That is no good, they are not so natural after all!

  3. oh my gosh, ladies!! I LOVE Lush, lol. Take a huge nose-flaring-in-all-its-glory sniff whenever I walk past a store =D I'm in the process of turning my car into a lush shop *coughs*. BUT yeh, have to agree.....I've never taken to their perfumes either. Karma and Vanillary sprays are 50% off at the mo; and being a fan of anything-vanilla, I bought a bottle hoping the die down will turn into a comforting foodie smell. bah i'm disappointed yet again!

  4. LOL Emily, you crack me up :D! I like their bath products and the Colour Supplement. In fact I just used up one of the pink-candy smelling bubble bars. It is overpriced for a piece of soap!
    But perfume, oh no, no no no!

  5. I like *some* of the bath bombs/bath melts/shower gels/massage bars but admittedly a lot of their stuff I don't care for.

  6. lol Su... I also hate the smell of flying fox. I do like many lush products -avobath is amasing - but I like fruity smelling things and normally those notes are ok. Most of their disasters (IMO) are when they mix smells together :)

  7. I think Lush is overated! Its definitely not as 'natural' as they like people to think they are and not as they could be!

    I do LOVE honey I washed the kids though! And I use to like vanillary, I enjoyed the warmth, untill I found many more similar fragrances without the sweetness!

  8. I've used their stuff now & then when I can purchase for a bargain price. But they are over priced & over-rated. Having said that - gonna go check out their new fragrance range tomorrow - heh heh - see what I think about them ;)