Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I do not celebrate Christmas, it has no religious significance to me. But I love the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of joy, generosity and celebrations. This year, I am making a Christmas Pudding and Eggnog, the recipe that lovely Mich of RitualEyes shared.

Another great thing about Christmas is of course shopping! I think the fact that I do not celebrate Christmas takes the edge off shopping too! I love giving gifts to friends. Christmas time is a great chance to make someone (or myself) smile. I smiled a lot this year, in fact, I am grinning ear to ear with excitement to share all the goodies I got for myself. With internet shopping out of the equation, I set aside a crisp and new $100 bill for myself so that I need not use my card with which I can go overboard. It turns out, you can get a lot for $100 (for a little more than $100) with Christmas discounts and sales all around. Here is what I bought for myself, what was left under the metaphorical Christmas Tree by Santa!

Guerlain Shalimar: 

So, so excited about this one! I finally have a bottle of this masterpiece! I love this perfume dearly and can't describe it in words (I can hear your 'oh thank god' sigh :D)

I paid, drumroll please... $64 for 30 ml EDP, a bargain! It was marked down from $130 RRP to $80 at the National Pharmacies and with my member discount it came to down something that I could afford. I cried when I saw it on sale! I love the bottle. I love, love, LOVE the perfume. I am scared to touch the bottle without washing my hands, lest I leave fingerprints! It is so beautiful. Hail to Shalimar, glory to Guerlain!

Prada Miniature set: 

Oh, I love miniatures! This my first time ever trying Prada. This perfect set has 4 perfumes which includes Infusion d'Iris 8 ml, Prada Intense 7ml, Prada Tendre 7ml, L'eau Ambre 7ml out of which Prada Intense is my favourite and Infusion d'Iris comes a close second.
It cost me $42 at National Pharmacies, retails at $65.

Two other great bargains from Chemist Warehouse.

Revlon Charlie Red 100 ml $9.95 and Lanvin Rumeur 50 ml for $14.95.

I'll be smelling good and hopefully cooking well on Christmas Day. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays! xoxo


  1. I'm like you too Su, we're not religious in our family but get into the whole Christmas spirit with the gifts for friends and the family dinner. We even have the turkey in the oven come 8am tomorrow :)

  2. That sounds great Lilpil! It is all about being nice to each other and coming together as a family :)

  3. Oooh nice xmasy loot :D Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Prada, I was eyeing off this set the other week :D

  4. Thanks Jade! I can't wait to review Prada ones either =)

  5. Nice haul Su... hope you had an awesome break. My husband doesn't celebrate christmas either so we just enjoy time away from work and nice food :)

  6. Sounds like you had a nice break! I bet you are back feeling good and recharged =)

  7. Lovely Su, I got a perfume for myself for Christmas as well, thanks to your rec I ended up getting the Dior one. I have not seen that Charlie perfume in years, totally have forgotten what it smells like now, all I remember is that they are always a real bargain :)

  8. Hypnotic Poison is a fantastic choice Mel. It is warm and so sophisticated! You'll love it :)
    Charlie is a nice one, cheap but good :)