Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Perfume oils tested this week

Good Judy: Va Va Voom 
Leather bustier. Thigh high stilettos. Leopard print mini. Lipstick stained cigarette. Hair up to beehive heaven. Va Va Va Voom! 
Scorched honey, blonde tobacco, soft leather, Chantilly cream

Gorgeous! Sexy and sultry, has a bad girl vibe to it. Va Va Voom is a beautiful leather honey and light floral combo. It is rich and dense, very heady!
I generally stay away from leather and of the opinion that it is masculine. But I have been testing a few leathers lately and discovering how sexy and overtly feminine it can be. Leather will be a note for me explore more. 

BPAL: Bite Me
Croquembouche with almond silk and a drizzle of caramel.

A scrubber! I bought a full bottle on eBay for a very little price. I thought the combination would be beautiful. I like croquembouche, I like almonds and I like caramel. But this turned out be a stinker on my skin. I have tested on my wrist many times. I applied it properly, i.e everywhere, a couple of times and both times ran to the shower to wash it off. 
Here is what it smells like: On opening the bottle, the candies fruits of the croquembouche is overbearingly sweet and syrupy. Then the caramel shows up in its thickest and the most sweetest form. The almonds are lost in this overpowering combination. After sometime, it is just turns into a scrubber. It is a foodie one and I love foodie ones in general. I really tried to like it. Even if this was made into a real edible desert I would stay away from it.

BPAL: Velvet
Envelop yourself in the soft, sensual embrace of gentle sandalwood warmed by cocoa vanilla and a veil of deep myrrh.

Jade has described it very well, spot on. It is a nice chocolate scent. I definitely get the musty-oldness. Weird!

Possets: Silver Carnation
There has been a clamber for this and here it is. I really love this one, it turned out better than I thought it would. Long lasting and just beautiful from the start, Silver Carnations stays true from the first moment until the last. The "silver" part that you love combined with the spice and flower carnation that you wanted. A winner.

So pretty! what a lovely scent! soft floral with 'silver" the silver note if you can call it, it slightly metallic and slightly spicy. It develops beautifully on my skin, soft, sensual and sweet.
Poison Apple Apothecary: Cheshire Moon
Inspired by the beloved Cheshire Cat who informs our dear Alice that everyone is a bit mad here. 

This feline is exotic, magnetic, and full of riddles. The Cheshire Moon perfume creates the same atmosphere with a blend of Neroli, Sandalwood, and Sweet Tahitian Vanilla.

The limited edition perfume oil was passed on to me by dear Dee because she knows exactly what I like! Cheshire moon is a wonderful vanilla scent. Neroli always intrigues me and sandalwood always makes me fall in love. The combination is to die for! 

Conjure Oils: Speakeasy - InjureAle
injureale is what you get when Gin and Ginger Ale work their magic together in a tumbler with ice.

It is fresh. Ginger is crisp and raw, slightly medicinal. Gin smells piny and sparkly. It is cold and not very boozy.  It is like ginger ale on the skin. I don't particularly like this scent but it something different and nice.


  1. Shame about Bite Me, it sounds like it would have been nice, thanks for referencing my description of Velvet, it's a strange on isn't it?

    Cheshire Moon sounds lovely :) isn't Dee the best!

  2. Awww, you guys. :-)

    I love Cheshire Moon - splashed out on a full bottle of that one.

  3. You are welcome Jade, Velvet is exactly like you described it!
    Cheshire Moon is wonderful and yes, Dee is the best :)