Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ayala Moriel: Roses et Chocolat & Les Parfums de Rosine: Rose Praline

Roses and chocolate, all a girl wants for a romantic Valentine's Day. I have not been a fan of the rose in perfumes. It somehow seems 'cold' to me. I am not even a romantic person. Well, at least not roses-and-chocolate romantic. But these two perfumes have spoken to me in different ways. Two perfumes based on Rose and Chocolate, Ayala Moriel Roses et Chocolat and Les Parfums de Rosine: Rose Praline, both beautiful but so different.

Ayala Moriel Roses et Chocolat:
Notes: Allspice (Pimento Berry),AmberBenzoin Siamese Cocoa AbsoluteMaceNutmeg Pink Pepper AbsoluteRose de MaiRose Maroc Rose Otto (Turkey)
Roses et Chocolat is a romantic and indulgent perfume. It makes me feel warm and loved!
The rose in it is a lush, deep red rose. It is big, it is soft, it is velvety. This  dramatic rose is mixed with chocolate, making it warm and spicy. Chocolate is dark, which blends very well with the rose, making it richer and darker. I sense a bit of a boozy tinge, just to complete the mood of the Valentine's Day! It is gourmand but somehow more wearable than edible to me.
It was released as a limited edition but now has made its way into the general catalogue. I have a little sample of the parfum extrait in an 1 ml dram vial, a great way to try this piece of luxury.

Les Parfums de Rosine: Rose Praline

Top note : Cardamom, Italian bergamot, Rose oil
Heart note : GĂ©ranium, Chocolate powder, Rose absolue, Lapsang Souchong tea
Base note : Ambre, Sandal wood, Cacao, White musk
This is the first perfume from the house that I have tried. Les Parfums de Rosine has a whole range of rose based perfumes and only rose based perfumes Maybe the reason why I haven't been so keen to try them. I recently received a sample vial of Rose Praline with my Mecca Cosmetica order. Rose Praline is another rose-chocolate combo, a beautiful one.

Rose Praline is a modern rose. A crisp, fresh and light rose which feels more like a pink tea rose. The rose is so beautifully blended with a soft creamy chocolate base that it does not feel gourmand. The website describes the "The Woman" of this fragrance as
Her universe is her friends. Around a cup of tea, her afternoons shell between candies and confidences.
Exuberant and talkative, she is a sparkling and sweet young lady.
It is not something that really describes me, but when I wear it I can feel that 'cafe hopping-art loving-vintage silk dress' woman. It does live up to the projected image, young and sophisticated.

So, which of the two Roses am I?  I like Roses et Chocolat, a deep, dense and spicy rose. It is so 'me'. This rose perfume really evoked a romantic in a non romantic, non rose loving person.


  1. I don't usually care for Rose scents but these two sound yummy <3

  2. It is really difficult to describe scents with words, but you do it wonderfully!!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  3. Hey Jade, neither do I! But these are nice one :)

    Hi Catanya, thanks for the follow and your lovely comments xoxo