Friday, February 4, 2011

Beautiful Blogger Award

I am so excited to receive fabulous Beautiful Blogger Award, not once but twice! Thank you so much Jade and Stef. I am so new to this world of blogging and I needed this boost to keep me going. I feel so special and this is most definitely an inspiration to write more. Thanks gals! 

                                                 So, here are the rules of the award, I have:
Linked back to the beautiful gals who gave me the award
7 random things about me
10 blogs to which I am awarding the "Beautiful Blogger" title

7 random things about me:

1. My natural smell is apparently of mangoes! You'll know better if you kiss me :) I should probably start sweating/drooling into bottles!! Yuck!

2. My name is shortened to Su from 
Sunayana ( pronounced as Su-nai-na) which is Sanskrit for "girl with beautiful eyes" 
I want to think it is true!

3. I love Astronomy. When I was 4 or 5 years old I wondered why the three stars which were lined up in a straight line when the other stars in the sky appeared random. Years later I learnt that it was the Orion's Belt. My fascination with the night sky has ever increased. I just wish I was smart enough with equations as Astrophysics really interests me.

4. I hate the smell of burnt food. It is absolutely revolting.

5. I LOVE spicy food. Spicier the better, my threshold for the heat and spice is very high. Fried chillies anyone?! I CAN'T eat a lot of sweet food, not more than a spoonful of sticky date pudding or a bite of Black Forest Cake or a few pieces of dark chocolate. Really weird given my taste in perfumes!

6. Nail biting is one bad habit that I'd like to break one day. I'm orally fixated according to Sigmund Freud, interesting and true to an extent (but I'm more of a Jungian)

7. My dream holiday is African Wildlife Safari. I would pick this over a shopping spree at NYC, if I just had to choose one.

Now for the awards! Drumroll please....
I award the "Beautiful Blogger"Award to the following 10 blogs. 

Dee of Miss Prissypants: Dee is my perfume guru, a great encouragement for my perfume addiction. I can't thank her enough for recommending so many perfume oil stores and being such a sweet person!

Stef of Girl With The Curious Nose: Stef is an amazing perfumista who has all the right words to describe perfumes and a great nose. She also writes the famous beauty blog The Lip Print.

Jade of Jade Musing: This girl is dynamic and I just love her personality. She has some great beauty reviews, thoughts and so many fabulous things on her blog.

Michelle of Ritual Eyes: An avid makeup lover who has great swatches of some of my most coveted makeup. She also makes her own mineral makeup (so many gorgeous colours) from the scratch and I have to say, she is pretty damn good at it!

Magda of All The Pretty Faces: This gal is immensely talented and very creative with makeup. It is amazing what beautiful looks she comes up with. She uses some really pretty colours and has a detailed description, a step by step how-to, complete with pictures for every step! I turn to her blog for inspiration.

ChloeBlue of Chloe Blue Likes To Sparkle* writes a great blog about makeup, with hauls, swatches and some fun things. I love her nail polish swatches! I am so envious of her nails! 

Melbournite of Aussie Beauty: Cosmetic addict and a fabulous blogger! She writes about everything beauty, love her freebie alerts!

Alice of Alice Jane In New Castle: Alice writes a great life-blog, about gorgeous dresses, hair styles, op shopping, makeup, nails (more nail envy!) and life as a cross dresser. I am so glad to have discovered such a fabulous person.

Lilpil of The Things I Love: Lilpil has really great reviews of all the beauty products that are hot and happening. Her reviews are honest, in depth and very informative, which I consider crucial before making a purchase, small or big!

Madam B Fatale: A great place for all cool beauty stuff. She is very knowledgeable about beauty and very talented!


  1. Oh thanks Su... you're lovely. BTW I used to bite my nails up to my 20s... they recover :)

  2. Thanks Su, it's wonderful to learn more about you, my hubby has natural smell of Laksa and Mandarins hahaha.

  3. My pleasure ladies, I just love reading your blogs :)

    Jac, I so wish that I get rid of this nasty habit! I need tips!

    Jade, I bet your hubby smells good :)