Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bond No 9: West Broadway

This amazing creation by Bond No 9 is my summer perfume dream come true. It is perfectly light but equally warm and exciting. It has been my 'night out' perfume all this summer.

Official Notes: Lime, Lily of the Valley, Sheer Musk
Released in 2003
It has light lime opening, not really a screechy citrus blast, but oh so breezy! This lime is green and crisp. The light floral smell of lily of the valley and freshness of tea is so refreshing. There is a wow factor, a total surprise: the beautiful incense coming through which makes me go crazy! Warm spicy and edgy, slightly sweet and very soft. Very well blended. It is so easy to wear, it has a nonchalant sophistication about it. Even though it is unisex and directed mostly towards the male population, I can assertively feel its femininity and softness. It is light enough for summer and sexy enough for summer nights!

Most Bond No 9s don't really appeal to me because they seem mostly bland. West Broadway is definitely not bland! The staying power of most of them has disappointed me. A few good sprays and West Broadway stays for 3 or 4 hours on my skin but in my hair, on my clothes, etc, it stays and stays! It is so nice to get a whiff of yesterday's perfume from my hair. It does stay close to the skin. Unless someone is in your personal space, they wouldn't smell it. But if someone does, they'll love it so much that they wont stop invading your personal space!

I love this, West Broadway is a beauty! Loved it at the first sniff and I got a big 100 ml bottle. No regrets!

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