Sunday, February 13, 2011

BPAL: Lupercalia '08: Harikata

Adult Content
NSFW image

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Lupercalia '08: Novel Ideas for Secret Amusement
Limited Edition: Shunga Exhibition
Official Notes: Osmanthus, honey, golden musk, vanilla flower, and ginger.
Harikata: The ancient Japanese sex toy, is sure a novel idea for secret amusement! The image with phallic symbol from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab says it all. 

Harikata is a honeyed floral. It is all about Osmanthus. Osmanthus, the golden one is native to Japan and I have an essential oil that I can best describe as a toned down jasmine with some greenness and powderiness. Osmanthus in Harikata is really nice with the freshness of ginger and the sweetness of honey. Feels Japanese and very sexy, lives up to its name! If you want to love yourself this Valentine's Day, it should match your mood! 

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